You Can Now Access Shomi Via PlayStation 4

Christine Persaud

Published: 01/29/2016 10:23:06 AM EST in Vision

You Can Now Access Shomi Via PlayStation 4

In addition to the Rogers/Shaw-owned streaming TV service now being open to any Canadian, shomi is now accessible through the Sony PlayStation 4 gaming console.

Subscribers to the service, which costs $8.99/mo. for unlimited access to a vast library of TV shows and movies, can now stream content from the shomi app through their PS4, in full HD quality.

Full seasons of many popular shows are available on shomi, like Sons of Anarchy, Empire, Mr. Robot, and Vikings; plus even Amazon original series that are only available in the U.S. through that provider, like Mozart in the Jungle and Transparent. There are also day-and-date releases for some new shows, like Fresh off the Boat, iZOMBIE, and The Originals.

"Members have been asking for shomi on the PS4 system since we launched, and I'm thrilled we are now able to provide our service on this platform," says Ann Tebo, Director, Product Management, shomi. "With the addition of the PS4 system, there are now four Internet-connected ways for members to get great shomi content on their TV screen."

To access shomi via the PS4, secure an activation code through the shomi app on the device, visit, select PS4, and log in. Enter the activation code, and you'll be ready to go. Users will be able to access the full functionality of the service, including pausing and resuming where you left off, adding titles to the shomi Later list, and curated shomi Collection.

Already, shomi is accessible online, through select tablets and smartphones, and via compatible set-top boxes through Rogers Channel 300 or Shaw on Demand.

This will further heat up the battle among the three main streaming services in Canada: shomi, CraveTV, and, of course, Netflix. While all three have stellar programming lineups, Netflix and shomi arguably have access to more current, buzz-worthy fare. Shomi has been getting a leg up over Netflix of late, acquiring programs that are only available through U.S. rival Amazon Instant Video, as well as programming that Netflix only has exclusivity on in the U.S., like The Blacklist. This move will further make shomi more accessible to consumers; one area where Netflix has historically had both services beat. There's virtually no streaming device or smart TV that doesn't include Netflix access on its list. Meanwhile, Bell, which owns CraveTV, made two major moves recently. The first was by making Netflix accessible to its Fibe TV and FibreOP customers directly through their set-top boxes. CraveTV is, of course, also already accessible through the on-demand menus. And the second was making CraveTV available to any Canadian, as has been the case with shomi since the summer.

Realistically, a cord-cutting customers could simply pay under $30/mo. with a sizeable Internet plan and subscribe to all three to get access to pretty all every major show. This wouldn't allow for watching new seasons in real-time, but it would provide a vast enough library of programming to keep any busy family entertained for far less than a standard linear television package. And with the use of devices like streaming sticks, smart TVs, Apple TV, and now the PS4, a set-top box isn't even necessary.

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You Can Now Access Shomi Via PlayStation 4

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