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Bored At Home On Canada Day? Alexa Can Entertain You With New Canadian-Specific Content, Replies

This Canada Day will be unlike any other as families, against all desired, stay home instead of congregating with others in large groups to avoid furthering the spread of COVID-19. This means plenty of kids might be bored and parents dreaming of being at a cottage or beach, soaking in the sun and dipping their toes in the water. 

Amazon is hoping to provide some new entertainment features to both honour Canada Day on July 1 and provide some new entertainment while you hang out at home through an initiative called “Alexa Loves Canada.”

First, Amazon Music will feature new playlists curated by artists that honour the unique sounds from Canada and feature artists like Alanis Morissette, Tory Lanez, Shad, Michael Buble, Lindsay Ell, Bobby Bazini, Marianas Trench, Josh Ramsay, and The Reklaws. Music will be honoured specifically from nine cities across Canada, including Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, and Ottawa, with artists like Lanez, Buble, Ell, FouKi, Night Lovell, and Ria Mae curating the playlists. 

While interacting with Alexa, you can ask new questions like “Alexa, how do you feel about Canada?” and “Alexa, do you love Canada?” to start some Canada Day activities. You can also do things like say “Alexa, Happy Canada Day” to hear Morissette sing the national anthem, “O, Canada” in both English and French. Or say “Alexa, how is Canada today?” to hear a message of reflection from Shad. New experiences will be added every day throughout the month of July. 

“During these unprecedented times, it’s especially important that Alexa helps make our customers’ lives simpler, safer, and more convenient while also helping them enjoy and reflect on the important moments with friends and family who can’t be with them this year,” says Celine Lee, Alexa Canada Country Manager. “We are excited to introduce content designed to help Canadian customers as they come together virtually this year on Canada Day and throughout the whole month of July.”

Alexa will offer additional help for celebrating the holiday including planning tips and recipes for Canadian favourites. Canadians can also use the Alexa Drop-in feature to include faraway family and friends in the party. Canada Day content and skills are available exclusively on Amazon Alexa.

Starting July 3, you can also tune in to hear Alanis share a Canadian Thought of the 

Day by saying “Alexa, what’s Alanis’ thought of the day?” If you ask for the national anthem, Alexa will play it sung by one of its favourite artists.