Bryston Introduces Vintage Amplifier Restoration Program

New program offers three tiers of restoration services to customers in North America

Bryston, a Canadian manufacturer of high-performance audio electronics and loudspeakers, has introduced the “back-to-the-future” vintage product restoration service. Bryston, who already offer one of the best warranty conditions in the business, have established the restoration program as a way of keeping older model Bryston amps alive and well for a new generation of audiophiles.

A Bryston 4B amplifier from the mid 1970s

The back-to-the-future program offers three tiers of restoration services that can be purchased individually or combined on each vintage product. Prices below include shipping to and from Bryston (within North America). 

TIER 1 ELECTRICAL: Complete check out of all electrical and mechanical functions with replacement of appropriate parts $1000.00 USD

TIER 2 COSMETIC: Cosmetic upgrade includes a reworked faceplate, top, and handles. This involves a total refinishing of the current hardware on your vintage amplifier. (Does not include chassis, back-panel, or heatsinks. Our technicians will do their best to fix dents, imperfections, bends etc.) $600.00 USD

TIER 3 OUTPUT DEVICES: Output power transistors replaced with the most recent applicable power devices $400.00 USD

A vintage Bryston model PRO3

“Because we have such a large number of beautifully designed and manufactured amplifiers out there that have been in use for as many as four-plus decades, we felt that offering these restoration service options to our customers was important,” explained Bryston CEO James Tanner. “We have built our brand based largely upon a reputation for audio products that deliver outstanding performance and durability so this program certainly reinforces Bryston’s commitment to quality and service.”

To book your vintage Bryston in for an appointment contact David Nelson at Bryston