Cradelpoint W1850

Cradlepoint Wideband Adapter Certified to Extend 5G Wireless WAN Solutions in Canada 

Cradlepoint has announced the certification of its W1850 Series 5G Wideband Adapter for the Bell 5G network.

The first enterprise-grade 5G Wireless WAN solution to be certified by Bell, the Cradlepoint W1850 will offer business and public sector customers enterprise-class speed and performance, to support bandwidth-intensive and latency-sensitive use cases, such as video, immersive, and collaborative applications. 

The need for fibre-fast and cellular-simple connectivity is expanding and driving the need for 5G solutions for businesses all across Canada, says Cradlepoint. With faster speeds and greater capacity, 5G can more fully support an organization’s connectivity requirements, from remote workforces to Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

“The most progressive organizations are looking to unlock the full potential of 5G technology with fixed wireless access solutions designed to increase agility, improve operations, or enhance customer experiences,” says Ranjeeta Singh, Senior Vice President, Head of Product & Innovation, Bell. “Our certification of the Cradlepoint W1850 Series 5G wideband adapter allows businesses across Canada to take advantage of the most-awarded 5G network with a true enterprise-class connectivity solution.”

Cradelpoint W1850

Designed for indoor use for branches that require the higher performance and lower latency of Cat 20 LTE and low-band 5G, the Cradlepoint W1850 Series is an enterprise-class, dual-connectivity 5G and LTE wireless adapter. The W1850 is managed by Cradlepoint’s cloud-delivered NetCloud Manager which provides IT teams with the visibility, security, control and management they need to build and maintain an enterprise-grade Wireless WAN.

The W1850 adapters can be paired with a Cradlepoint router or a third-party router to address common use cases such as primary wireless connectivity, wireless failover, and day-one connectivity.

“Canadian organizations are only just beginning to see the numerous benefits 5G has to offer, and we’re excited to support them through this new certification with Bell Canada,” says Jason Falovo, Vice President and General Manager, Canada at Cradlepoint. “Wireless WANs are helping to drive digital transformation and efficiencies across businesses. Cradlepoint has in-depth experience supporting the adoption of 5G services to help businesses innovate — from retail stores that service customers through a pop-up location, to EMS services that need the best connection for their fleets, to traditional enterprises with remote workers that need a fast, secure connection.”

Cradlepoint’s W1850 5G Wideband Adapter is now available from Bell and authorized Bell dealers.