Thorens TD 204

Erikson Home Now Shipping THORENS TD 204 Turntable

Erikson Home has announced the THORENS TD 204, the latest launch from the iconic German turntable manufacturer, is now shipping.  The TD 204 has been developed for what Thorens describes as a high-end audiophile beginner turntable; a turntable with sound expansion potential for audiophiles but priced mid-field between true audiophile grade and an enthusiast level. The distinction is made by not including the features found in THORENS flagship models such as XLR outputs, isolated sub-chasis and higher-end cartridges.

The surface finishes are black high gloss and walnut high gloss and share similar design characteristics across the THORENS range.

The newly developed TP 120 tonearm introduces a new high-quality bearing technology that places the turntable on the higher range due to the bearing play and the coefficients of friction being reduced to a lower level than competing turntables in a similar price range. 

The TP 120 features a 9″ J-shaped aluminum tonearm with an effective tonearm mass of 15 grams with a visual similarity to the larger flagship TP 1500 model.

The detachable headshell with SME connector is equipped with an AT95E cartridge from the Japanese pickup specialist Audio Technica. The skating compensation is carried out via a spring.

The connection terminal on the back features RCA sockets for amplifier connectivity and an integrated MM phono pre-amp (which can be switched on/off) enables direct connection to virtually any audio playback source.

The platter, which is manufactured from die-cast aluminum, is set in rotation by a THORENS precision drive belt. The plinth of the TD 204 rests on four vibration-damping feet.

Features at a glance:

Smooth running belt drive / Thorens TP 120 9” tonearm with J shape / Detachable headshell with SME connector / Switchable MM phono preamplifier / Die-cast aluminum platter / Pre-installed Audio Technics AT95E cartridge

THORENS is distributed exclusively in Canada by Erikson Home at the TD 204 has a suggested retail of $1,499.00