EV Start-up Fisker Announces 50K Reservations

Fisker, the California-based electric vehicle startup, announced today that reservations for its all-electric Fisker Ocean SUV, first seen at CES 2019, have surpassed 50,000. The company also revealed additional details about its second vehicle, the Fisker PEAR that stands for “Personal Electric Automotive Revolution”. Teaser photos of the PEAR have been release via social media.

The Fisker Ocean will start production at a carbon-neutral factory in Austria on Nov. 17, 2022, with the base Sport trim package priced at $37,499 before government incentives. The Extreme trim level package is priced at $68,999 and delivers an estimated range of over 350 miles.

The Fisker PEAR will be fully revealed in the second half of 2023 and enter production at a plant owned by Fisker partner Foxconn in 2024. Fisker states development is well underway and prototype testing is expected to begin at the end of 2022.

“The impressive number of reservations for the Fisker Ocean proves there’s huge interest in our brand and in electric vehicles,” CEO Henrik Fisker said. “The over 3,200 reservations already for the Fisker PEAR indicate this revolutionary mobility device, designed for city dwellers, demonstrates customers are ready for Fisker to deliver the 21 century’s most innovative vehicle.” The Fisker PEAR is priced below $29,900 and in a corporate release states the PEAR is “designed specifically for the customer of the future.”

The Fisker PEAR is a sporty crossover, smaller than the Fisker Ocean SUV. The Fisker PEAR will have the first-ever Fisker “Houdini trunk”, an alternative to traditional rear cargo hatches. Intended for a metropolitan lifestyle, Fisker PEAR ‘s interior will offer a new level of storage for its segment. Design-wise, the beltline and side window area are extremely low, with a large, wraparound windscreen affording a commanding view when driving. The Fisker PEAR will be available in rear-wheel-drive (single motor) and all-wheel-drive (dual motor) configurations featuring four levels of option packages.

The Fisker PEAR offers two battery packs, with the larger “Hyper Range” pack targeted at over 310 miles and like the Fisker Ocean, will feature the Fisker “SolarSky” panoramic roof, adding emissions-free range to the battery. 

Fisker promises to provide more details about the Fisker PEAR throughout 2022.