Filtrete air purifier

Filtrete Smart Room Air Purifier Now in Canada

You probably know the brand Filtrete from products like its replacement furnace filters, but the company also has its own Smart Room Air Purifier, which is now officially available in Canada.

The Filtrete Smart Room Air Purifier offers advanced technology that provides cleaner air, monitoring the air quality 24/7 and adjusting the fan speed as needed. Owners can also download the Filtrete Smart app and control the device from virtually anywhere. It also provides users with visual graphs to monitor trends of the indoor air quality.

Filtrete air purifier

Filtrete Smart Room Air Purifier technology uses a laser-based sensor to create consistent and precise readings of the particles in the air. It automatically turns on when air needs improvement, and includes true HEPA filters, capturing up to 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, from the air passing through the filter media. It is compatible with existing Filtrete Room Air Purifier filters.

Available in two sizes and two colours – white or black (white only in Canada) – the Filtrete Smart Tower is made for large rooms up to 310 square feet and is available in Canada for $399 while the Filtrete Smart Console is made for medium rooms up to 150 square feet and is $350.