Petcube Bites 2

WiFi HiFi Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Gifts for Pet Owners

Gifts aren’t just for humans: why not treat Fluffy the cat or Rover the dog to a thoughtful gift they can enjoy on Christmas morning, too? We have some great gift ideas that pet owners will adore.

Petcube Play 2 Camera

PetCube Play 2

The Petcube Play 2 Camera makes it easy for you to see and talk to your pets from wherever you are. The standalone camera has a built-in a laser feature so you can play fun games with your furry friend from anywhere. It’s easy to use and controllable via the Petcube mobile app. You’ll get 1,080p HD video with a 160° ultra-wide-angle view and night vision. There’s also two-way audio so you can chat with your pet. It even has built-in Alexa so it works like a typical smart device. $200

Rocki Robot

Rocki Robot with cat

The handy Rocki Robot for pets is a robotic toy and snack feeder that can hold enough snacks to last a few days, delivering treats on demand. One of the arms even has a laser toy built in so the robot will serve as a companion to your pet until you arrive back home. It also includes a night vision camera, mic, and speakers, all of which you can control remotely through the Rocki app. Yes, this is a robot toy for your pet that not only feeds it while you’re away or at the office, but also runs around with it and follows the pet so you can interact with it using the built-in camera. It can run for days per charge, with the stand-by mode working for up to a month.

Petcube Bites 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Petcube Bites 2

Selling for $249, the Petcube Bites 2 Wi-Fi pet camera also comes with a treat dispenser to deliver treats on demand or a timed schedule for your pets. With Alexa built-in, 1,080p HD video, 160° full room view, two-way audio, sound and motion alerts, and night vision, it’s a premium camera in its own right. It supports a variety of dry dog and cat treats with a 1.5-lb. capacity.  

Springer Pets Walk Bag + Leash

Springer Poppy Sling bag

This clever accessory for pet owners combines a leash for your dog with a small bag that can hold all your essentials, including a phone, cards, cash, and keys. Made of neoprene, it can also fit the items you need for your pup, including a poop bag dispenser and a treats in the mesh pocket. There’s also a fold-out bag to store a dirty tennis ball. Available in four colours and small (four foot) or regular (five foot) size, it’s US$95 but would make the perfect gift for a pet owner who loves long walks with their pup and trips to the local park.

Springer Sling Bag + Leash

Springer Sling Bag

Another option from Springer, this Sling Bag + Leash is similar to the Walk Bag + Leash excepts it’s larger in size. Resembling a fanny pack (waist bag), it makes it easy to walk your pup completely hands-free while still bringing the essentials you need if you want to stop of the pet-friendly café for a latte before heading back home or check out some shops. You can keep your credit card, cash, phone, and other essentials with you without bringing along a full-sized purse or mini backpack. It has all the same features as the Walk Bag + Leash and attaches right to the dog’s collar. This one sells for US$85. The best part? It’s stylish enough to wear even without your pet and its collar.

Seabedee Bark Bites Dog Treats

Seabedee Bark Bites

CBD wellness is a big trend for adults nowadays, but did you know it’s for pets, too? The Seabedee Bark Bites dog treats are made from sweet potatoes and contain 5mg of CBD per treat along with other natural and safe ingredients. They are designed to help keep pets calm in stressful moments and aid in separation issues. They also provide anti-inflammatory benefits that support mobility and joint comfort. Each package provides the recommended dosage for small, medium, or large dogs and is third-party lab tested for quality and consistency. The packages range from US$17 to US$25, depending on the amount of CBD you would like.

FluentPet Speak Up Button

FluentPet Speak Up Button

A unique gift, the FluentPet Speak Up Button is a recordable sound button with a mic and speaker system so you can record and play back any sound or word you want your pet to try and learn or respond to. Yes, seriously. You can record your own voice or other sounds. With just 0.5 lbs. of pressure, the pet will hear the word and (hopefully) try to replicate it, or at least respond. It comes with three LR44 batteries and allows for hundreds of playbacks per charge. Sure, maybe Rover won’t learn to say, “I love you” but they might learn that the button says “take me outside” or “I need to pee” and functions as a way for them to communicate using human language…sort of. At just US$15, the Fluent Pet Speak Up Button is, if nothing else, a cute novelty item for a pet lover on your list.

BarkBox Boxes


Pets love subscription boxes, too! Instead of your sock of the month, cigar, or hot sauce club, consider spending on a recurring series of treats and toys for a pet. BarkBox is one of the best known in the biz and the company has several new boxes with themes for the holiday season. The Gingerbread Village Holiday BarkBox, for example, features holiday-themed squeaky toys featuring designs like peppermint candy, marshmallows, gumdrops, and gingerbread men. For some sweet treats, there’s the Gingerbark House dog treat kit that includes an actual gingerbread house kit made of dog treats. If your dog is patient enough to watch you put it together to snap some Insta-worthy pics and videos first, they’ll relish in finally being given permission to devour it. This one comes as an add-on to another BarkBox. For fun attire, there’s the BARK x Elf Collection that includes a giant Buddy the Elf along with candy spaghetti and doggie elf pajamas.

 iRobot Roomba j7+ Robot Vacuum and Mop

Roomba Combo i7+ robot vacuum

This gift is more so for the pet owner than it is for the pet though they will probably love watching the robot vacuum scoot across the floors. The latest in iRobot’s line, the Roomba j7+ vacuum and mop combo includes the company’s latest PrecisionVision Navigation System that can identify a variety of common objects on the floor, from socks to cables, and avoid them. But the big one for pet owners: it can detect solid pet waste to avoid rolling right over it and spreading excrement all over your floors or worse, carpets. iRobot even has a POOP (Pet Owner Official Promise) guarantee to back that up. You’ll get all the other features you’d expect from a premium Roomba, including the Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal system for easy emptying, the ability to set schedules, map your home for cleaning of individual rooms, and more. As both a vacuum and mop, it can also dutifully vacuum the floors then proceed to wet mop as well, lifting the brush as it rolls over carpets to resume once again once it hits flooring or tiles. It’s $1,399 but a pet owner who finds themselves manually vacuuming pet hair and dander multiple times a day will appreciate it.