Idyllic barcode reader

Idyllic Technology Will Reveal New Barcode Solutions at CES 2024

Idyllic Technology, which specializes in advanced identification solutions, is participating in CES 2024 in Las Vegas this January to introduce its new Radio Frequency Barcode solution.

Idyllic Technology’s product marries the simplicity and low environmental impact of traditional barcodes with the reliability of RFID technology. The company says its technology can help circumvent common issues like unreadable or damaged codes. Since it does not contain chips, the product emphasizes sustainability as well.

Idyllic barcode reader

As radiowaves communicate with the bars on a code, the RF barcodes vibrate, emitting a frequency signature. Idyllic Technology says the barcode can be used not only in the retail sector but also in logistics for parcel tracking and sorting as well as in the industrial space for part identification in the manufacturing process. They can also come in handy with recycling, identifying composition from manufacturing stages.

The system includes a variety of RF barcode designs along with adaptable readers and an RF barcode library that can accommodate up to 40 bits of unique data encoding capacity.

Idyllic barcode reader

“CES has always been a monumental platform for innovations, and our participation in the 2024 edition will let the world witness a game-changer in the realm of advanced identification,” says Louis Gautier-Le Boulch, CEO of Idyllic Technology.

Founded in 2017, Idyllic Technology emerged from an LCIS spin-off. The company’s team of specialists and engineers is dedicated to reshaping the identification landscape, emphasizing reliability, sustainability, and efficiency.

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CES attendees can visit Idyllic Technology’s at CES 2024, Venetian Expo, Hall G60711 Eureka Park to learn more about the innovation.