Mophie Powerstation gold

mophie Offers LE Gold Powerstation Mini & Premium Cables

mophie is offering a limited edition gold colour for its powerstation mini portable charging bank and its premium charging cables.  

The limited-edition mophie product line includes the powerstation mini, which has a 5,000mAh battery and offers up to 20W USB-C PD power for charging mobile devices, like an iPhone, AirPods, or iPad. It’s compact with an aluminum body, and comes with a bead-blasted gold finish. It sells for US$40.

Mophie Powerstation gold

Complementing the power bank are premium charging cables, available for US$20 ea. in one-metre lengths. There’s both a USB-C-to-USB-C and USB-A-to-USB-C configuration, both of which feature a braided outer sheath. Tested by a third-party independent lab to withstand 30,000 bends with no cable memory, the cable strain relief points where the connectors and cables meet are strengthened to ensure a long life.

mophie gold cables

Compatible with PD chargers for fast charging and data transfer, like the powerstation mini, each cable features a premium silicone cable strap to harness the cord while stowed away.

The gold mophie powerstation mini and premium charging cables are available today exclusively at select Apple stores globally. Each product includes a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.