Samsung Canada Launches New TV Built for Business

Samsung Canada has launched a new TV designed specifically for business and digitan signage applications. Aptly called the Business TV, it can be used for both displaying digital signage content and accessing live television.

The TV is said to combine Samsung’s expertise in both commercial signage displays and advanced TV technology to provide both customer communications and impactful visuals. 

Some suggested uses for the TV, particularly during the current pandemic and social distancing rules, include showing store-entry bulletins like store hours and customer capacity, physical distancing, and safety protocols, displaying product availability and promotions, providing checkout guidance like wait times and customer line-up details, showing branded messaging and community support and pick-up or checkout procedures. 

“We know many business owners are time strapped and have limited resources, but need to keep up with customers’ expectations in our technology-friendly environments from restaurants to stores to their doctor’s office,” says Mary Peterson, Vice President, Enterprise Business Division, Samsung Electronics Canada. “The purpose of Business TV is to offer businesses of all sizes a simple and affordable solution that they can manage themselves and quickly integrate into their business to ensure they are meeting customers’ needs.” 

The Business TV lineup from Samsung delivers UHD resolution in a range of sizes. Crystal Display ensures optimized colour expression while High-Dynamic Range improves brightness levels. Each model comes with a three-year warranty. Business TV is built to operate with extended daily business hours, 16 hours a day, seven days a week. 

They can be set up quickly and easily following a how-to guide that explains how to download the app and pair the two. The products also include an automatic running feature so you can use an on and off timer. Once the TV switches itself on, it will auto boot the Samsung Business TV app, meaning that following initial set up, the Samsung Business TV can run automatically each day without the need to reprogram. Paired TVs will automatically show on your mobile phone device, allowing you to deploy content to the TV, or even multiple TVs at once. 

Using a three-step process, you can quickly play professional content on the TV screens by choosing from a range of pre-designed templates, editing selected image and text before sending it to the TV. The app includes a mobile friendly user interface for easy content editing and supports more than 100 templates for non-experts. These include over 30 L-Bar templates, which allow companies to play promotion content while TV programming remains on screen. Motion-embedded templates and seasonal promotion templates can be updated periodically.

The TVs pair secured with the Samsung Business TV app using a PIN code and a panel button lock and USB port lock provide added security.

The range of Business TVs come in carbon silver and include full size variation with 43, 50, 55, 65, 70, 75-inch size options available in Canada through traditional B2B channels.