OvrC app dashboard

Snap One Debuts OvrC Connect App & Location Dashboard

Snap One has released the new OvrC Connect app, replacing the OvrC Home app and designed for strengthening control of OvrC systems for both commercial and residential clients. The redesigned OvrC Location Dashboard, meanwhile, is focused on simplifying customer service workflow for partners.

“Our partners love OvrC for the simple fact that it works well, and it makes long-term project management simpler,” says Evan Marty, Snap One Director of Remote Monitoring & Management. “We’re demonstrating our commitment to invest in new features for a free software solution that can help our partners to grow their business. In fact, in addition to introducing new features and benefits, we built the OvrC Connect app on an entirely new architecture so our engineers can more quickly and easily develop and introduce future updates that will do even more for our partners.”

OvrC app in hand

“We also want our partners to know we have their backs from the jobsite to the office,” adds Marty. “With the new Location Dashboard, we are helping provide elevated customer service through faster access to key information and the new Linked Resources function that enables linking to project-related documents directly in OvrC.”

Featuring a revised interface with simple, intuitive navigation, the new OvrC Connect app allows clients to resolve common issues and manage the network, day or night, providing peace of mind.

The launch of OvrC Connect improves overall app stability and reliability while expanding clients’ ability to create commands for Snap One devices, which now includes toggling individual outlets on WattBox PDUs and Araknis PoE switches. International projects are also simpler, thanks to new support for international phone numbers.

The new app allows clients to easily set up new commands, reboot devices, and monitor system-wide activity, while also providing contact info for Snap One partner and an in-app support request forms. This, says the company, guarantees that clients can always get the assistance they need.

OvrC app on different screens

Migrating existing accounts from OvrC Home to OvrC Connect is simple: once the app is released, the OvrC Home app will be  updated to OvrC connect. There is no migration needed by the partner – the end-customer may have to manually update the app based on their update settings.

The revamped OvrC Location Dashboard is designed to improve partner’s office workflow, with new breadcrumbs that aid in navigation and single-click access to call, e-mail, or get directions to a client’s property. The new design ensures that every project has a consistent look and navigation, simplifying common tasks for technicians and helping streamline operations across all projects and clients. The powerful new Linked Resources feature ensures that every tech can quickly access all a client’s documents and info to improve both the efficiency and outcomes of customer service interactions.