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Solos Adds Live Search to AirGo3 Smart Glasses, And I Tried It

The Solos AirGo 3 smart glasses, which I reviewed last year, have received an exciting update: the SolosChat service now adds live search capabilities. I was given early access to test the feature prior to launch and it’s quite impressive.

How Does Live Search Work?

SolosChat currently offers ChatGPT access and Live Translate, but this upgrade now includes real-time information, like weather, news, stock information, and more. Access this information with a tap on the glasses’ frame or by typing the question into the Solos Chat app.

The new live search feature is integrated with the existing SolosChat application. Live search using SolosChat is powered by Solos’ proprietary software and integrated with third-party services, such as ChatGPT.

Solos AirGo 3

The system also incorporates context memory, enabling deeper inquiries without repeating earlier questions. For example, if you ask, “When is the next Boston Celtics game?” you will get an up-to-date answer. But you can also continue the conversation with follow-up questions, like “How much does a ticket to the game cost?” and “Who is favoured to win?”

When shopping either online or live in a store, the feature is a great way to compare pricing and products or get more details on specific product categories. Ask, for example,

“What is the best home vacuum?” then continue to ask, “which ones have the best reviews?” or “what is the current pricing for those options?”

My Tests of SolosChat Live Search

Using the examples Solos provided in the announcement, I decided to try a few searches of my own to see how well it worked. Each reply takes a couple seconds to be answered, but you’re told immediately “searching for you, one moment please…” as if there’s a personal concierge ready to serve.

SolosChat app

Thinking of events, I asked when WWE is coming to Toronto, knowing there’s an upcoming event next month. It provided the information in detail, including both days, what they’re called, and where to buy tickets. When I followed up asking how much tickets are (without clarifying what event I was referring to), it understood the question and provided a ballpark figure, again directing me to a ticketing site to buy them.

SolosChat weather

Next, I asked about the weather. While Live Search could not access data to tell me what the weather would be like tomorrow, when I asked about the weather right now, it was able to provide the detailed information. I love that the reply includes both Celsius and Fahrenheit along with wind speeds versus just stating the current temperature, but I do wish I could also get future forecasts, with data pulled from a relevant app or website.


Then, I looked for shopping help, and this is where I was most impressed. I asked for the best robot vacuum and mop and it instantly recommended the Roborock S7. Not only that, the response was qualified with the fact that “it’s a ‘top-rated’ robot vacuum, and even pointed out some of the highlights about this model. When I asked to compare this model to a Roomba, it did just that. The reply discussed the strengths of both models and noted that the choice would depend on my needs. I could have kept the conversation going further to help me drill down to the right choice, a great way to get quick assistance while shopping for something new.


Finally, I asked for good restaurants close to me for Father’s Day, which was coming up at the time of my test period. It named a restaurant in the area that I wasn’t familiar with, but that supposedly offers a “delightful dining experience, perfect for celebrating Father’s Day.” (I can only assume that this assessment came from a customer review on one of the top review sites.) I quickly learned why, however, I hadn’t heard of this place. When digging further, it seems this restaurant is permanently closed. What’s more, every indication suggests that it has been closed for years.

That blunder, however, isn’t the fault of the Solos Live Search feature, but rather of AI search from services like ChatGPT in general. Thus, you can rely on searching for information with these glasses as much as you can rely on running ChatGPT anywhere, on any device Sometimes it provides useful information, other times you might have to follow up and do some additional research to confirm the results. The good news is that the ability to chat using natural, conversational language makes this simple to do.

Solos AirGo3 Keeps Getting Smarter

Solos AirGo 3

In my review, I recommended the Solos AirGo3 smart glasses for their ease of use and fun and useful features. You can use them to listen to music, have a phone conversation, translate a conversation, or get AI assistance. Live Search capability is one of the things that was on my wish list, and now that it’s here, they’re even more useful.

Imagine looking at a product in a store and asking the glasses how much it costs so you can learn if you’re getting a good deal. Or instantly asking where the latest coffee shop is when you’re in an unfamiliar area and you’re desperate to find a bathroom.

SolosChat was already useful for simple queries, like measurement conversations while cooking, information on popular landmarks, and more. But now, the live search option opens the door for personalized and local details. With a prescription pair, you can not only see the world around you, you can also hear and fully immerse yourself in it.

The over-the-air (OTA) update is available for all current users now.

What Else to Know About Solos AirGo3 Smart Glasses?

Solos AirGo 3 smart glasses

Solos AirGo3 Smart Glasses are available in Argon styles for from (US$249-US$299), Xeon (US$199), and Helium (US$199) and come in a variety of colours. You can use SolosChat, including Live Translate and Live Search, for free with a basic plan, but for enhanced text-to-to-speech, Solos Chat in-app standalone mode services, extended ChatGPT history, and watermark-free Solos Chat, a subscription is $10/mo. You can enjoy a three-month free trial to try out all the features.

Solos AirGo3 smart glasses have enjoyed other recent enhancements. At CES 2024, the company announced an expansion of the Live Translate feature that now allows for multilingual group communications in real time, with options like Listen, Group, Text, and Present. Following that, Solos confirmed that SolosTranslate is now available in 25 languages.

Read my review to learn more about these glasses.