Solos AirGo Vision

Solos AirGo Vision Smart Glasses Adds a Camera

Solos introduced the AirGo 3 smart glasses, which I reviewed last year. Those can play music, let you answer and make calls, and afford access to ChatGPT assistance on the go. The new Solos AirGo Vision are similar, but now add a camera to the equation so you can provide visual cues as well as audible ones.

The AirGo Vision work similarly to the AirGo 3 in that you can enjoy integrated ChatGPT, but now they also add visual processing through ChatGPT-4o so you can ask the AI assistant to identify exactly what you’re looking at, for example, or help you navigate to a destination. Like the others, you can swap frames, but this isn’t just for style: it’s also so you can choose where and when you want to use the front camera frames. If you use other frames, you can still enjoy all the other functions, minus the camera.

Solos AirGo Vision with camera

Employing an open architecture, AirGo also allows for integration with Anthropic Claude and Google Gemini, making wearable AI accessible to users of all mobile platforms.

“Our in-house software team has built the AirGo Vision to harness the power of the best AI

models available today,” says Kenneth Fan, co-founder of Solos. “We also recently integrated live search to enhance the existing AI capabilities and believe we’re offering consumers a truly comprehensive wearable AI platform unlike anything else on the market.”

Solos AirGo Vision

AirGo Vision with AI provides real-time information based on visual input, recognizing people and objects (“what am I looking at?”), or navigating and narrating directions or landmarks (“give me directions to the Eiffel Tower”). You could ask it to identify an item in a store, for example, than get more details about what it costs, if there’s a better price available somewhere else, and get a summary of details. And yes, you can also use the camera to actually snap photos, too.

The AirGo Vision offers LED notifications on the frames with digital information appearing in your field-of-view. You can choose a discreet flash to let you know there’s a notification without disturbing others, use sound, or opt for vibration when you’re in a quiet location. The visual cue, Solos notes, is also useful for those who are hard of hearing.

Solos AirGo Vision

“We understand there are different ways people want or need to receive information and are committed to enhancing and customizing the AirGo experience so wearable AI is accessible to all,” adds Kenny Cheung, General Manager and President of Solos. “This latest upgrade provides a solution that is intuitive, inclusive, and easy to use. Visual processing is a unique element that enhances our existing AI software like SolosChat Online and SolosTranslate to make life both easier and more productive.”

AirGo Vision will be available for purchase later this year. Solos will release LED-only frames in July in three different styles, available to purchase on for US$250.