The Beatles Spin Clean

Spin-Clean Celebrates a The Beatles’ Anniversary With LE Record Washers

Spin-Clean is celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ iconic Red album from 1962-1966 and Blue album (1967-1970), as well as the company’s own 50th anniversary, with a set of limited edition record washers.

With a promotion brokered by Bravado International, The Beatles’ North American licensing agent, the new limited edition record washer kits work like all the others, designed to preserve and keep vinyl records in pristine condition. But they also feature distinct The Beatles designs, which super fans of the group will love.

The Beatles Spin-Clean

How do they work? The made in the U.S. record cleaners come with a complete system, including drying clothes, rollers, and washer fluid. Adhere the kit to a flat surface using the rubber feet. Insert the rollers, fill the wash basin with record washing fluid and distilled water, then insert a record and begin the cleaning session. Rotate the record three times clockwise and three times counter clockwise using the inside of your palms or fingers, with your hands in the 10 and 2 positions. The bath can clean anywhere from 20-50 records, depending on how dirty each one is.

The Beatles Spin-Clean

Once done, remove the record, wipe it down with the drying cloth (pre-wash the cloth first) in a clockwise circular motion, and it’s ready to be played or returned to its sleeve. The unit is easy to clean after. Remove the brushes, rinse the basin thoroughly with warm water to press out excess liquid, then let it air dry. You can save the solution in the basin for up to one week if you want to do a few records each day.

“This unique launch demonstrates Spin-Clean’s ongoing commitment to providing music enthusiasts with the highest value record cleaning solutions available,” says Mark Mawhinney, President of Spin-Clean International. “We’re confident that music fans everywhere will appreciate the quality and convenience that these limited-edition Spin-Clean models bring to their valuable record collection.”

The limited edition The Beatles Spin-Clean record washers will sell for US$80. They are, for now, only available in the U.S. so you might have to travel across the border to snag one.