Viewsonic ultra-wide monitor

ViewSonic Debuts New Ultra-Wide Displays

ViewSonic Corp. has introduced new models in its ultra-wide ViewBoard series of interactive displays at InfoComm 2024, along with new Direct View LED solutions with  

glue-on-board [GOB] panels, smart software solutions for communication and collaboration, and Microsoft Teams Rooms-designed bundles. 

The ViewSonic Ultra-Wide ViewBoard displays include the IFP92UW, a 92″ interactive display; and the IFP105UW 105″ interactive display with a native 5K (5,120 x 2,160) resolution, ultrawide 21:9 aspect ratio, and 40-point touch and palm recognition technology. Connectivity options include USB-C with up to 100W charging, HDMI [2.0/2.1], DisplayPort, RJ45, and RS232. It comes with an up to 60W soundbar speaker, and an 8-element microphone with echo cancellation. Split screen and two-way touch interactivity with ViewBoard Cast is also included along with support for Airplay, Chromecast, and Miracast. The display boasts a 60Hz refresh rate with 6.5ms response time and will be available in August 2024.

Viewsonic ultra-wide monitor

The 110-inch ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP110 display boasts a native 4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160) resolution. The 5’x8’ screen is equivalent to four 55” touch displays in a 2×2 video wall layout. It affords simple set up with reduced calibration and maintenance costs compared to a traditional 2×2 video wall, says ViewSonic. Make use of integrated TeamOne collaboration and vCast streaming software. The display also has a built-in operating system for smooth playback of multimedia content. It can show content for up to four different sources across six individual screens, bezel-free. This model will also be available in August 2024.

Viewsonic Ultrawide

The ViewSonic CDE92UW Ultra-Wide Commercial display (July 2024) measures 92 inches with a 5K resolution and ultrawide 21:9 aspect ratio for a cinematic experience. Affording 33% more screen space than traditional 16:9 displays, it’s designed for Microsoft Teams Rooms’ Front Row layout for enhanced teamwork. It has an octa-core SoC and Android 13, 24/7 operation rating and 500 cd/m2 brightness for consistent and reliable performance, 25% high haze anti-glare treatment, and uniform bezel for comfortable viewing.

Installation options include landscape or portrait mode for customized setup. There’s also wireless screen casting and sharing via myViewBoard Display and vCast. It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams Rooms for efficient collaboration, includes HDMI 2.0/2.1, DisplayPort, USB-C with 100W power delivery, RJ45, and RS232 connectivity, and built-in ViewSonic Manager software for easy remote management and upgrades.

The ViewSonic Direct View LED LDC031 Series (July 2024) are customizable, configurable, and modular Direct View LED panels that offer various configurations, aspect ratios, and comes in sizes up to 760-inches. They use Glue-on-Board (GOB) surface treatment technology to provide enhanced protection and durability. The all-in-one design integrates the power supply, control, image stitching, and display systems; while a detachable control box can be placed up to approximately 32.8-feet away for easy access to panels. It supports 4K/HDR/HLG with connectivity options including HDMI 2.0/HDCP 2.2, USB Types A/C, RJ45; IR-In, and Wi-Fi input. The frameless design features a slim 1.2-inch (31mm) thickness and bezel depth at 0.24-inches (6mm). Centralized LAN connectivity offers operational efficiency. It’s compatible with Crestron and myViewBoard Manager for easy management of multiple displays. The LDC031-120 offers 512×384 resolution; LDC031-150 416×312 resolution; LDC031-180 348×261 resolution; and LDC031-250 256×192 resolution.

There’s also the ViewSonic Direct View LED LDS135-153 (July 2024) with native 1080p Full HD resolution and 450-nits of brightness. The mobile LED-based display comes pre-assembled and ready for instant use. Also using GOB surface treatment, the kit includes LED modules, cabinets, system control box, and mobile cart. It comes with a built-in motorized height adjustment stand, and it’s easy to move around with 360-degree wheels. Stabilized with push-button locking, connectivity includes HDMI 1.4/2.0/2.1, Audio-Out, USB Types A/C, RJ45; RS232, IR-In.