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Always Mobile Offers Ultra-Cheap eSIM Data Plans For Travelers

If you travel often and don’t have a plan that covers data in the countries to which you visit, or maybe you pay the per-use blanket fees to use your phone as you would at home (Roam Like Home with others and Easy Roam with Telus, for example), you might want to pay attention. Always Mobile has launched its new data plan options for international travelers.

Always Mobile, the operating division of Nomadi Mobile, offers eSIMs you can add to your existing mobile device to tap into a local network for access to data while traveling.

Mike Stanford, Founder and President of Always Mobile, says the company is focused on “being ultra-light, digital-first, and providing seamless user experiences to give our customers unmatched convenience and savings versus traditional large telecommunications companies.”

Beyond travelers, Always Mobile says its plans may suit students and other budget-conscious customers looking for a better deal on extra data without having to pay an arm and a leg for it through plan upgrades with their carrier. It’s like add-on data at a discounted rate to avoid overage charges from your primary carrier or, more likely nowadays, throttled speeds once you reach the max data in your plan.

Since it works through an eSIM, you can sign up ahead of time, like before a big vacation, or top up while there if you notice you are running out of data because you’re using your phone for navigation, streaming videos, or even to entertain the kids in the car for a road trip. It’s easy to install, says the company, and activates almost instantly.

Where Can You Use It?

Always Mobile has coverage in over 150 global destinations using 4G/5G local network connectivity.

How much does it cost? That’s the big question. It appears that for most, if not all, destinations, it’s the same fee. You can get 1GB data to use over 7 days for $7, or 3GB to use over 15 days for $12. Going away for a month? A 30-day plan with 10GB of extra data is $26. I checked these fees for the U.S., Austria, Italy, Australia, China, and Japan, and the fee is the same across the board.

Where you’ll pay more is if you want an eSIM to cover you through larger areas. For 20 areas within Asia, for example, beyond just seven, pricing starts at $10 while coverage in 30+ areas of Asia starts at $23: still a nominal fee in comparison to other options.

Compare this to Rogers’ Roam Like Home as an example, which is $12 per day for the U.S. to use your phone and the data you already have as if you were home. That would be $84 for the week or $180 for the 15 days. Granted, this also includes phone calling, but does anyone really call anyone anymore without using video calling apps like FaceTime or WhatsApp?

What Devices Does It Work With?

Always Mobile

Naturally, you need a device that accepts eSIMs in order to use Always Mobile. It also has to be unlocked (if it isn’t, carriers in Canada are mandated to do this for you for free). Any dual SIM iPhone or iPad works, which includes iPhone SE and 12 and up (the iPhone X is not compatible) and iPads dating back to the iPad Air (3rd Gen). It also works with a number of Android phones, including the latest Google Pixels, Samsung Galaxy devices (FE models excepted), Huawei phones (not the P40 Pro+), Motorola phones, Nokia phones, Oppo phones, and Xiaomi phones. You can check phone compatibility on the website.

Installation for both platforms is simple and Always Mobile provides a detailed installation guide on its website for both installing an iPhone eSIM and installing an Android eSIM. The process is essentially the same for both: you receive the purchase receipt and order confirmation, the latter will include a QR code. Follow the steps to add eSIM in the phone’s settings, scan the code, and follow the instructions from there. When you arrive at the location of choice, turn your primary line off and your eSIM line on, turn data roaming for eSIM on, and you’re good to go. It might take a few minutes to connect, Always Mobile notes.

While I can’t speak to how well Always Mobile works until I have an opportunity to try it out for myself, it sounds like a promising option that makes staying connected while traveling, or even getting added data for only months when you might need it, much simple and more affordable.