Focal is showcasing its new 100-T series loudspeakers at CEDIA Expo 2022 in Dallas, including three in-ceiling and two outdoor speakers.

Amazon has released several new products, including the Echo Dot Kids, TVs, Kindle Scribe, eero Wi-Fi, and more.

Amazon is bringing a new selection of Echo Dot Kids products to market offering new features and designs specifically for kids and their parents.

Intel Unison seamlessly connects your PC and Devices bringing together devices, operating systems, and form factors to create one integrated experience. It’s a true cross-platform experience compatible with both Android and iOS phones.

The Roku Ultra, which the company claims to be its most powerful streaming player to date, is now officially available in Canada.

Based on the same Intel 7 processing architecture technology, 13th Gen hybrid processors feature two types of processing cores: performance-cores (P-cores) and efficient-cores ( E-cores). P-cores are more powerful running key applications faster while E-cores running at a lower frequency run secondary applications. The combination of power guzzling P-cores and slower power-efficient E-cores makes better use of per watt power, it runs cooler and runs single and multitasking apps faster than the 12th gen chips.