Person putting an Amazon Kindle in a bag

New Amazon Kindle Offer High-Res Display, USB-C Charging, and Twice the Storage

Amazon has released its latest-generation Kindle, dubbed the lightest and most compact to date. The e-Reader boasts a glare-free 6-inch high-res display, up to six weeks of battery life per charge, USB-C charging, adjustable front light, dark mode, and twice the storage of previous generation models at 16GB.

Available for pre-order now starting at $130 and shipping starting October 12, the new Kindle is equipped with a 300 ppi high-resolution 6-inch display that has three times the pixels to allow for sharper images that read like paper, says Amazon. Get a further improved reading experience with dark mode and an adjustable front light, so you can easily read both in the dark and bright sunlight.

Man reading on an Amazon Kindle in bed in the dark

The new Kindle maintains premium features like X-Ray, which provides important details about people or places mentioned in a book, and a built-in dictionary to quickly look up any word. Simplified setup on the Kindle app for iOS and Android offers an option to register your device in fewer steps and to jump into a book even faster.

With 16GB built-in storage, twice that of the previous generation model, you can store thousands of titles. You have access to the Kindle store for downloading millions of books, including best-sellers, as well as reading recommendations from the Amazon Book Review. You can also read or listen to short fiction and non-fiction books from best-selling authors, acclaimed storytellers. Through Kindle Direct Publishing, you can also read stories from millions of self-published authors from around the world. Additionally, Prime members can read from a rotating selection of thousands of books and more at no additional cost to their Prime membership.

Young woman reading on an Amazon Kindle by a tree outside

The new Kindle was designed with sustainability in mind, acknowledging further reduction in carbon emissions from previous product generations. The device was thoughtfully sourced and built with 90% recycled magnesium. In addition, you can opt for Kindle accessory covers with packaging made from 99% wood fiber-based materials.

The new Amazon Kindle comes in black or denim while the new fabric covers come in black, rose, denim, and dark emerald.