Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor

Amazon Releases Alexa-enabled Smart Air Quality Monitor

Amazon has joined the companies making air quality monitors with its own smart indoor device that it says can accurately measure the presence of indoor particles, a source of allergens and toxins, so customers can make necessary changes to improve their daily health.

The Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor is easy to set-up using the Alexa app and is small in size at 65x65x45mm (WxLxH), perfect for sitting on a shelf, counter, night stand, or table. It will particularly appeal to those who have allergies or experience symptoms like coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, or chronic headaches. 

The device measures temperature, humidity, dust, volatile organic compounds, and carbon monoxide. As a smart device, when your air quality is poor, you’ll receive an alert from the Alexa app and/or hear an announcement from your Echo device so you can take action, like opening a window, or turning on a fan or air purifier.

Amason Smart Air Quality Monitor paired with Amazon Echo Smart Display

Ask a compatible Alexa-enabled device for the air quality in your home at any time, or get deeper insights into your air quality through your Echo Show or the Alexa app. Through this information, you can also discern how doing simple things like keeping a window open, using an air purifier, or cleaning your vents can impact the quality of the air in the home.

The Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor is available for pre-orders starting at $90 and will be shipping by December.