Apple Fitness+

Apple Fitness+ Launches in Canada on December 14

Apple’s Fitness+ fitness experience built around Apple Watch will officially launch in Canada on Monday, December 14.

Apple Fitness+ brings studio-style workouts to iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, intelligently incorporating workout metrics from Apple Watch for a personalized and immersive experience. At launch, there will be 10 of the most popular workout types, including High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Strength, Yoga, Dance, Core, Cycling, Treadmill (for running and walking), Rowing, and Mindful Cooldown, led by a team of trainers.

The workouts are accompanied by music from top artists and that are designed to keep you motivated. You can choose from nine different styles, including Latest Hits, Chill Vibes, Upbeat Anthems, Pure Dance, Throwback Hits, Everything Rock, Latin Grooves, Hip Hop/R&B, and Top Country, and see the full workout playlist before starting. Filter by music to find the right workout to fit your current mood. An Apple Music subscription is not required to enjoy the music in Fitness+, but for those who have one, favourite songs or an entire playlist from Fitness+ workouts can be downloaded to the Apple Music library to listen anytime.

“Being more active is one of the most important things we can do for our health, but we know choosing to work out can often be a challenge whether you’re very active or just getting started,” says Jay Blahnik, Apple’s Senior Director of Fitness Technologies. “We’re excited for Apple Fitness+ to bring together the metrics from Apple Watch, great music, and a diverse and inspiring trainer team — in a uniquely simple, easy-to-access way across devices — to encourage our users to get fit and stay healthy.”

Apple Fitness+ integrates personal metrics from Apple Watch to inspire you, animating you on the screen during key moments in the workout. For example, when the trainer says to check heart rate, the heart rate metrics are spotlighted; during tough intervals, a countdown timer starts to help you get through to the last second. When you close the Activity rings, a celebration happens on the workout screen.

HIIT, Treadmill, Cycling, and Rowing workouts have an optional Burn Bar that shows, in real time, how your effort stacks up against anyone who has previously completed the same workout.

An intuitive filter helps you choose a trainer, time, workout, and music. There is also an intelligent recommendation engine that considers workouts previously completed in Fitness+, the Apple Watch Workout app, and favourite third-party fitness apps that integrate with the Health app. Fitness+ recommends workouts that match what you already enjoy doing so you can jump in with something familiar, but will also encourage you to try something new, discover a new trainer, and try a workout that would complement your current routine. 

Each week, Fitness+ delivers new content across all workout types with a variety of trainers, times, and music. For those who are just starting out, trying something new, or getting back in to exercising, several members of the trainer team lead Absolute Beginner workouts that teach the basics of HIIT, Strength, Core, and Yoga, as an option to prepare for the weekly studio workouts. Rowing, Cycling, and Treadmill workouts also feature Getting Started videos that show how to set up the equipment and introduce proper form and technique. 

With Activity Sharing, friends and family can see Fitness+ workouts completed, and workouts can also be shared to favourite social media channels.

You can join a workout from any device, including Apple Watch as well as iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. Regardless of where you begin a workout, personalized recommendations are synced across devices. 

Many Fitness+ workouts require no equipment at all or just a set of dumbbells, and Cycling, Treadmill, and Rowing workouts can be done using equipment from any manufacturer. Most workouts range in increments of 10, 20, 30, and 45 minutes.

Apple Fitness+ will be available Monday, December 14, and requires iOS 14.3, watchOS 7.2, iPadOS 14.3, and tvOS 14.3. For Apple Watch users, Apple Fitness+ will automatically appear as a new tab in the Fitness app on iPhone; the Fitness app for iPad will be available to download from the App Store; and on Apple TV, the Fitness app will automatically appear once you upgrade to tvOS 14.3.

Apple Fitness+

Fitness+ will be available as a subscription service for $13/mo. or $100/yr. Fitness+ can be shared among up to six family members for the same price. Three months of Apple Fitness+ are included for customers who purchase Apple Watch Series 3 or later and one month of Fitness+ is included for existing Apple Watch users.

Apple Fitness+ is included in the Apple One Premier plan, which, where available, also gives customers access to Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple News+, and 2TB of iCloud storage for $33.95/mo. shared among up to six family members.