Babbit speaker

Babbit’s Speaker is Designed Just for Kids

Babbit has released its new speaker that the company says is designed specifically for kids as young as toddler age, allowing them to enjoy a screen-free experience while still being able to listen to age-appropriate music and other audio files.

The speaker works using Babbit’s special NFC cards, each of which comes with a tailored playlist library loaded onto it along with near-field communication (NFC) technology for easy tap-and-play. Each sticker is assigned to a specific Spotofy playlist, so all the child needs to do is place the card atop the speaker and the music will start playing.

Babbit speaker kids

You can use Babbit’s Music app from a smartphone to assign your own playlists to the cards or use Babbit’s expert-curated set of themed playlists attached to colourful design cards. The playlists are grouped in different styles and moods with music from around the world.

The idea behind Babbit was inspired by the brand co-founders’ children and their interest in music. The family realized that their kids would play a song on repeat almost endlessly if given such an option. But with more options and access to diverse, high-quality music, they might opt for something different and expand their musical tastes.

“The young generation’s music taste nowadays is often limited to viral hits available on social media platforms,” says Aleksandrs Roga, CEO and co-founder of Babbit. “And needless to say – it’s not always the best quality music. Thus, we wanted to create a family-friendly hi-fi speaker, which would both provide audiophile sound quality and enable an independent listening experience to help children discover music beyond ‘Baby Shark’ and other mainstream hits.”

Babbit speaker

The speaker itself plays music via Spotify, online streams, and USB. It has a stereo closed-loop Class-D amplifier and high-performance DAC with Burr Browb audio technology for distortion-free listening. Made of wood, it has two 6.5 inch full-range tweeter speakers integrated into a wooden body and covered with metallic grills.

First available in Northern Europe, the Babbit speaker is now officially shipping to Canada and the U.S.