Cyrus turntable

British HiFi Brand Cyrus Audio Enters High-End Turntable Market

Erikson Consumer – Home Division, has announced that Cyrus Audio has launched a brand-new high-end turntable, called the TTP turntable.

Cyrus Audio are looking forward to celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2024 so much so that they have decided to start early on what will be a very busy year. Some could say that it is a surprising move for an audio brand more familiar with digital sources to launch a turntable, but Cyrus sees it very differently. If anything, they feel that it has been an obvious missing part from their product range. Cyrus designed and built their very popular and award-winning phono stage the Phono Signature nearly 10 years ago and it has remained a core part of their product range ever since, so launching a turntable worthy of this phono stage makes perfect sense says the company.

The TTP Turntable will be precision machined from solid aluminium blocks, the plinth and platter are extremely stable for superb vinyl playback capability, while the lightweight tonearm provides an excellent mounting point for your choice of cartridge. The DC synchronous motor has a custom-designed digital control circuit, ensuring very low wow and flutter with exceptional speed stability.

Nick Clarke, MD at Cyrus said “we wanted to provide the best possible playback regardless of the media and were looking to add a partner to our multi award-winning Phono Signature. While not known for turntable design, we have partnered with a hugely skilled and vertically integrated German engineering company for the mechanical aspects while applying our skills to the PSU and motor drive to create what we believe is one of the best turntables at this price.”

Cyrus will have the TTP Turntable on demo for the first time at the Warsaw Audio Show from the 27-29 October and plan exhibiting the new turntable at major audio shows as well as local dealer events throughout 2024.

The Cyrus TTP belt-drive turntable will retail in Canada for $8000.00 and will be available for delivery from the end of November. For all Cyrus Audio distribution enquiries, please contact Mario Cadoret, National Sales Manager at Erikson Consumer on [email protected]