Denon Begins Selling PerL and PerL Pro In-Ear Headphones Using Masimo Adaptive Technology

Originally announced in April, Denon, a global premium audio brand has announced the company is now selling the PerL and Perl Pro earbuds, powered by Masimo Adaptive Technology (AAT) that automatically measures your hearing and creates a listening profile unique to the listener’s hearing ability.  The Perl and Perl Pro are the first audio products that adopt technology from the parent company Masimo’s medical division.

Both the PerL and Perl Pro are equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon sound with aptX lossless technology allowing for pure lossless sound over Bluetooth.and incorporate Nura, the makers of self-learning headphones, into the brand’s product pipeline to deliver enhanced listening experiences for consumers.

“Nura’s technology is a perfect complement to Denon’s mission to expand human experiences through acoustic innovation,” said Trip Randall, Denon brand president. “We’ve been committed to sound engineering for 113 years and counting, and we know that personalized audio is the future. This evolution with Nura is a natural fit, as we continue to innovate for the most discerning of audio consumers and push the boundaries of what’s possible.”

The addition of Nura’s technology into the Masimo Adaptive Acoustic Technology (AAT) platform, combines Masimo’s 30-year expertise in signal processing with the world-class acoustic engineering from Masimo’s consumer audio businesses, and will be able to address unique hearing complexities that vary from person to person.

Masimo AAT works by creating personalized listening profiles for each user based on the individual’s exclusive hearing. By measuring the user’s hearing sensitivity and tailoring sound accordingly, Masimo AAT ensures that no instrumental detail or sound subtlety is left unheard. This technology combined with Denon’s audio engineering prowess will enable a more accurate and precise delivery of sound.

PerL and PerL Pro represent a shift in how audio is moving from a soundstage tuned by sound engineers to a soundstage that is adapyive and customizable based on the hearing ability of the user’s ears.  The PerL has an MSRP $199.00 us and the Perl Pro MSRP is $349.00 us where the Pro version offers an extended battery life up to 8 hours and incorporates Lossless Bluetooth capabilities.