Evolution to Distribute Nakymatone Invisible Loudspeakers

Canadian consumer electronics distributor Evolution Home Corporation, has announced the addition of the Canadian-made Nakymatone Invisible Loudspeaker to their portfolio.

“Nakymatone is the audiophile’s name in the invisible built-in speaker category,”says Mike O’Connor, Senior Vice President of Evolution Home Corporation. “Their next-generation fully enclosed design, using Controlled Resonance Technology (CRT), developed by Nakymatone, recreates sound the same way a musical instrument does.”

Adds O’Connor, “what sets Nakymatone apart from the competition is the integral backbox that is part of the product’s full design. Installation is made easy with the removable handle, which helps neatly place and secure the speaker in position. Once installed, the speaker can be screwed to ‘pull’ it flush to the drywall board for a final skim, with no special training required.”


“We are pleased to partner with Evolution Home Corporation to distribute Nakymatone,” says Eric Nakkila, Vice President of Nakymatone. “Custom integrators can now deploy amazing sound quality on all their projects in every room with ease while pleasing the most discerning ears and eyes. We are proud to offer this high-quality solution and provide peace of mind to the installer with a lifetime replacement warranty.”

The current range of Nakymatone speakers consists of six models, along with a full line of amplifiers and multi-speaker (70v) solutions. The speaker design for each model features an acoustically tuned, closed-in backbox cabinet, used to eliminate sound bleeding into adjacent rooms.

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