Klipch Jubilee

Gentec Premiers Klipsch Jubilee at Montreal Dealer Show

For the very first time in Canada, audio dealers will have an opportunity to see and hear the Klipsch Jubilee, a speaker that is part of the company’s Heritage Collection and supersedes the Klipsch Horn as the flagship loudspeaker from the American audio brand.

The Gentec team framed within the Klipsch Jubilee Loudspeakers

The Gentec Montreal roadshow is the first time that Gentec has established a stand-alone dealer show in Quebec.  Dick Tuerlings, Managing Director for Gentec’s audio division said, “the show is a great way for Quebec dealers to witness first-hand the depth of our audio offering that includes such iconic brands such as Onkyo, Teac, Project and of course Klipsch not to mention our full array of accessories.”

Dick Tuerlings, Managing Director for Gentec’s audio division stands next to the Jubilee showing the sheer scale of the flagship speakers

The horn-loaded Klipsch Jubliee measure close to six feet tall and four feet wide and weigh in at about 900lbs. for the pair.  A patented vented enclosure “features dual 12” woofers working in tandem with a 7” axiperodic titanium diaphragm with an active cross-over network via a digital signal processor that equalizes the use of two amplifiers, one for high frequency and one for low,” says the Klipsch marketing material. The Klipsch Jubilee speakers have a CDN MSRP of $56,000.

Two amps , one for high and low frequency married with the included Jubilee DSP drive the speakers
A close-up of the Jubilee logo and the warm wood grain from the walnut veneer

All Klipsch Jubilee are made-to-order in Hope Arkansas and come with a ten year warranty with grain-matched wood veneer panels that come in two colours; satin black ash or American walnut.  Klipsch will also custom the Jubilee in any colour finish you wish as a bespoke option with a premium price.  Watch Gentec’s Dick Tuerlings and Paul Belair walk us through the first-ever Klipsch Jubilee experience in Canadain the video below.  Better yet, get yourself out to the Gentec dealer show and witness this magnificent audio experience for yourself.

The Gentec dealer show continues Thursday Sept 15 at the Hampton Inn & Suites Conference Centre 1900 route Transcanadienne, Dorval