Hisense Announces U88N Mini-LED TVs Now in Canada

Global consumer electronics manufacturer, Hisense, has announced the U88N series of mini-LED televisions is now available in Canada. Driven by Quantum Dot technology and the advanced AI Hi-View Engine PRO Chipset, the UN88 series of televisions leverages deep learning to redefine the viewing experience. The state-of-the-art chipset offers Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro, Face Detection, AI HDR Enhancement and AI Detail Enhancement, which precisely optimizes the display to create lifelike skin tones, refining HDR detail and significantly improves image detail for a viewing journey unlike any series that has come before it.

“Quite simply, you have never seen a picture on a TV like you will see on a Hisense U88N,” says Marcelo Saatchi In-House Product Expert for Hisense Canada. “Whether you like story-driven dramas, quick-paced action films, the intensity of live sports or non-stop gaming action, mini-LED and Quantum Dot technology of the U88N delivers the power of IMAX to your home.

Available in 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, 85-inch and 100-inch screens, the U88N boasts smooth action with its native 144Hz refresh rate, ideal for movies, sports, and gaming. Cinematic audio comes from Dolby Atmos-powered 2.1.2 multi-channel audio. Addition features on this top of the line series from Hisense include full array local dimming with 1,600 dimming zones for detailed colour reproduction and perfect black levels. The screens are also coated with anti-glare for low reflection of ambient light from daylight or room sources. The UN88 also features the highest brightness levels from a Smart TV at 3,000 nits.

144Hz Game Mode Pro is a variable refresh rate from 48Hz to 144Hz ensures that console and PC gaming meets any opponent head on

The features of the U88N series include:

  • QLED—Quantum Dot Wide Colour Gamut technology reproduces more than a billion colour combinations for a wider spectrum of colours for true-to-life images.
  • Mini-LED PRO — Smaller LEDs allow for more of them to be incorporated into Hisense’s back-light technology. This leads to the delivery of superior brightness, richer colours and sharper details compared to conventional LED TVs.
  • Full Array Local Dimming — Equipped with up to 1,600 dimming zones combined with state-of-the-art video processing, the results are intense black levels with vibrant colour reproduction.
  • Game Mode PRO— 144Hz Game Mode Pro is a variable refresh rate from 48Hz to 144Hz ensures that console and PC gaming meets any opponent head on. AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro and Auto Low Latency Mode virtually eliminate screen tearing and controller input lag. Dominate the game – it’s time to level up!
  • High Brightness Level—With a brightness level of up to 3,000 nits in Hisense U88N series of TVs, you can enjoy an optimal viewing experience, even in well-lit rooms with abundant lighting. 
  • Low Reflection Rate– The Low Reflection Screen minimizes distractions from reflections, reducing up to 75 per cent of unwanted glare. Enjoy uninterrupted midday matches and evening movies without sunlight or lamp reflections disrupting your viewing experience.
  • Dolby Atmos Sound— The 2.1.2 channel system with subwoofer elevates the auditory experience, enhanced by Dolby Atmos for precise three-dimensional audio placement that breaks free from conventional channels.
  • Total HDR Solution — Hisense TVs have taken the sensible approach to HDR with support for all major formats, including Dolby Vision, HDRI0, HDRIO+ and HLG. Never worry about subpar video quality or compatibility again.
  • Google TV — No more jumping from app to app. Google TV bring together movies, shows and more from all the subscriptions and organizes them just for you. Need inspiration? Get curated recommendations, use Google’s powerful search to find shows across 10,000+ apps, or browse hundreds of free channels.
  • Hands-Free Voice Control — No remote needed; simply converse with your TV! Ask it to play music, catch up on the news, or check the weather. You have the option to control your Hisense Smart TV either using the remote control or without it.
  • Built-in Bluetooth— Enjoy your content at full volume without disturbing others in the room by wirelessly connecting your headphones to the TV. Moreover, you can wirelessly connect other Bluetooth-enabled devices such as soundbars, speakers, and keyboards.

The UN88N series is now available with pricing ranging from $1,499.00 to $7,999.00 depending on screen size.