HP EliteBook

HP Reveals its New AI PCs With Snapdragon X Elite, Copilot+

HP Inc. is the latest computer company to launch its next-generation line of AI PCs in the HP OmniBook X and EliteBook Ultra, with the Omni name representing HPs new naming convention for consumer AI PCs and Elite for commercial AI PCs.

Both computers are designed and engineered around the Snapdragon X Elite processor and its dedicated NPU, capable of 45 trillion operations per second (TOPS) to run language models and generative AI locally on the device. Coupled with Copilot+ PC and features like Recall, they will continue to support other AI apps as they become available that leverage gestures, facial expressions, and voice interaction.

HP Omnibook

The ultra-thin next-gen AI PCs boast 26 hours battery life and feature HP’s new AI Helix Logo, reflecting HP AI engineering that delivers optimized performance and security for AI. The HP EliteBook Ultra adds an additional layer of durability for commercial customers in a blue finish with a smudge-resistant Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating.

With the HP OmniBook X and HP EliteBook Ultra, HP says you can open a large Microsoft Excel file almost twice as quickly, stream up to 12 hours of Microsoft Teams calls, or binge up to 22 hours of Netflix streaming content.

HP Omnibook

Both computers incorporate 50% recycled aluminum in the covers and 100% sustainably sourced materials for packaging along with EPEAT Climate+ Gold Registration and ENERGY STAR certification.

The new Poly Camera Pro uplevels virtual interactions across collaboration and streaming apps using multiple cameras. The NPU powers AI enhancements like Spotlight, Background Blur & Replace, Auto Framing, and more, while the CPU maintains performance and preserves battery life.

HP EliteBook

With the HP EliteBook Ultra, Wolf Pro Security Next Gen Antivirus (NGAV) harnesses machine learning to defend against new and known threats. As a Microsoft Secured-Core PC, the device is designed to protect the PC down to the firmware level with hardware security features that shield user credentials and other critical data.

Both are currently available for pre-order and will begin shipping June 18, 2024. The HP OmniBook X AI PC starts at US$1,200 with 1TB storage and the HP EliteBook Ultra AI PC starts at $1,700.

The OmniBook X is the first consumer product to take the new naming convention, with the prefix representing all HP consumer PCs going forward: “book” will be for laptops, “studio” for all-in-one desktops, and “desk” for traditional desktops. Gaming PCs will continue to adopt the OMEN name.

HP EliteBook

For the professional line, the Elite and Pro names will signify these models. Numbers will also be part of the mix, with numbers 2 to 10 (10 represented by “X”), with odd numbers being consumer PCs and even numbers for professional. Thus, while the OmniBook X is a consumer product, the X signifies that it has specs to meet creative and technical demands.

Hopefully continuing to simplify things, there will also be an Ultra modifier to denote the most premium offerings in the line that adopt unique form factors. Dual screen models will continue to be called Fold and convertible PCs Flip.

HP AI Helix logo

Look for the HP Helix logo to identify the newest HP products.