Ikea Sonos Symfonisk speaker table lamp

Ikea & Sonos Symfonisk Table Lamp Speaker Has New Shade Options

Ikea and Sonos joint collaboration Symfonisk table lamp speaker can now be purchased separately from the shade, in different colours and styles so you can choose the combination that suits your home décor.

The lamp base now comes in black or white as does the lamp shade, and the shades are available in either textile or glass.

The lamp speaker connects over Wi-Fi and can be used to play background music, or connect it to other Sonos products, both within the Symfonisk line and others, for more immersive audio. As part of the Sonos system, the table lamp easily connects to more than 100 streaming services. 

  “Since launching the first Symfonisk table lamp speaker, we learned a lot about how and where they are being used,” says Stjepan Begic, Product Owner at Iikea of Sweden. “For example, a lot of people use the lamp speaker on a nightstand, which led us to create a new, slightly smaller lamp base. We’re now also offering customers more design choices, making the lamp speaker a better fit for their individual homes.”

Ikea Sonos Symfonisk speaker table lamp

The Symfonisk speaker lamp base with Wi-Fi is $159 in either black or white. The glass shade, also in black or white, is $40, and the textile shade in the same color options is $20.

The new collection of lamps will be arriving at Ikea Canada locations and the website starting October 12, 2021.