Kensington 3-in-1 pro audio headset switch

Kensington Intros New Pro Video Conferencing Products

Kensington has announced two additions to its professional video conferencing product line-up: the Universal 3-in-1 Pro Audio Headset Switch (K8330WW) and the H1000 USB-C On-Ear Headset (K83450WW).

The Kensington Universal 3-in-1 Pro Audio Headset Switch allows professionals to use a wired or wireless headset with up to three different devices, eliminating the need for multiple headsets and creating seamless, smooth audio transitions between devices.

It allows for conveniently switching among devices, muting, taking calls, joining meetings, or simply listening to music, all through the same headset.

The headset switch works with Bluetooth, USB-C, USB-A, or 3.5mm wired headsets to be used across different devices and operating systems, including laptops, phones, and tablets. The plug & play Pro Audio Headset Switch works with popular videoconferencing applications such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, and Cisco Webex.

Kensington 3-in-1 pro audio headset switch

Dedicated buttons enable easy transitions among audio sources, with LED lights providing confirmation of the channel and device in use. Precise switching guarantees uninterrupted connections. Easy-to-reach volume controls and a mute button silences microphone signals across all wired and paired devices.

It easily transitions among audio sources and automatically connects to one wired and two paired (Bluetooth) devices, leveraging premium channel isolation for a professional audio experience. Adaptive Bluetooth 5.0 connection technology automatically remembers previously connected devices.

The Pro Audio Headset Switch connects to any open USB-A or USB-C port (5V/0.9A) on a Windows or MacOS computer or docking station to power and enable data transfer of audio. 

With the Kensington H1000 USB-C On-Ear Headset, you’ll get a noise-canceling microphone, LED indicators for “busy” and mute, sidetone for better call engagement, and in-line music controls. The plug & play headset works with popular calling applications, such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, and is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS.

Kensington H1000 USB-C on ear headset

The lightweight ergonomic on-ear design provides a comfortable, secure fit featuring an adjustable leatherette headband, comfortable earpads, and a microphone that rotates up to 270 degrees and can be worn on the right or left side.

The directional noise-canceling (DNC) microphone suppresses distracting sounds such as keyboard clicks and nearby voices. Sidetone confirms you are being heard and 40mm drivers deliver an advanced audio experience with HD voice support.

The headset offers quick access to the volume, play/pause, mute, and integrated busy light buttons help maximize productivity. LED indicators to provide visual confirmation of status, including an integrated busy light on the back of the microphone that keeps other informed of your call status to minimize interruptions from colleagues.

The headset comes with a long six-foot, tangle-free nylon braided USB-C cable.

“The adoption of remote and hybrid working policies have created a new normal for businesses, and this can present a challenge for remote workers who need to maintain a professional virtual presence from wherever they are working,” says Kensington. “We are committed to pioneering new, integrated solutions that enable people to See and Be Seen and Hear and Be Heard. The release of the Pro Audio Headset Switch and USB-C headset ushers in a portfolio of great audio solutions that enable people to sound their best regardless of where they work.” 

The Kensington Universal 3-in-1 Pro Audio Headset Switch (K83300WW) and Kensington H1000 USB-C on-Ear Headset (K83450WW) are backed by two-year limited warranties and are available now through the Kensington Store and its partner sites.