Kicker Awards International Dealer of the Year Award to Gemsen

Aziz Masri, International Sales Manager for car audio manufacturer Kicker, has announced that Canadian distributor Gemsen, has been awarded the company’s International Distributor of the Year award for 2020. Aziz, who has been with Kicker since 1998 met Mike O’Connor in 2014, and “I have been thoroughly impressed ever since with Mike’s deep knowledge of car audio and his loyalty and product knowledge to Kicker. Gemsen’s large footprint” adds Masri “and their exemplary service and dedication to expanding Kicker’s presence in the Canadian market has made Gemsen an obvious choice for this award.” 

Steve Irby, President and founder of Kicker commented that “we are proud to honor our long time Canadian distributor and friend, Gemsen, with our International Distributor of the Year award. The Gemsen team are consummate professionals who work hard and know their business.  Their representation of Kicker in Canada is a major component of our worldwide business success.”

A flattered Mike O’Connor added that “working with the Kicker team is incredibly easy, rewarding and enjoyable. Today business is always changing and creating learning opportunities. We do not think of our relationship as customer and vendor. We look at Kicker as an extension of our family. Gemsen could not ask for anything more in a business partner. Kicker are innovative and always on the cutting-edge, of what is required to excel in today’s business environment.” 

O’Connor sees such an honour as holding an extra meaningful significance being the recipient in such a challenging year as 2020. ”Nobody could have prepared us for what our work would look like in a time of Covid,” reflects O’Connor. “New rules, new problems, new strategies. When you have an unguarded relationship with a business partner as we do with Kicker, you truly can get through any challenge.” Adds O’Connor, “and the challenges we face today require nimble thinking, new ideas and solid faith in our relationships. We have that with Kicker, and it is a large part of why Gemsen can achieve these goals not for, but with kicker.

Wifi Hifi entends a hearty congratulations to Gemsen for such an honour and for being recognized on the international stage for surpassing all goals in a challenging year.