IONIQ Concept Cabin

LG & Hyundai Unveil the IONIQ Concept Cabin

LG has teamed up with Hyundai to introduce the IONIQ Concept Cabin, which provides spacious interiors in electric vehicles, promising to offer “home comforts for the road.”

The IONIQ Concept Cabin is equipped with amenities like a capsule coffee machine, a compartment under the seat that dries and refreshes wet or stale shoes, a wardrobe manager that keeps clothes neat and wrinkle-free during the drive, and a mini refrigerator that keeps beverages chilled.

It also features a flexible OLED display that covers much of the vehicle’s interior ceiling. Rear passengers can adjust the curvature of the display with hand gestures for the optimal viewing angle. The large 77″ OLED screen can be split to allow both rear passengers to enjoy different content simultaneously. The speakers in the headrests create a personal sound zone that doesn’t intrude on the other passenger.

The screen is visible when you’re seated inside the vehicle. Once the vehicle is empty, a sliding bar wipes the floor clean, picking up crumbs and wiping up spills. At the same time, overhead UV LED lights disinfects the interior of the vehicle of all germs and other microorganisms.

“LG has been very involved in connected car solutions and at CES 2020 we demonstrated a personalized in-car experience that allows drivers and passengers to take a piece of home on the road with them,” says Lee Chul-bae, head of LG Electronics’ Corporate Design Management Center. “With IONIQ Concept Cabin, we are taking that experience to the next level by partnering with Hyundai, who brings real mobility expertise to the table.”

LG And Hyundai IONIQ Concept Cabin