Marshall Release 3rd-Gen Portable Home-Line Speakers

Erikson Multimedia has announced a trio of new third-generation portable Bluetoooth speakers under the Marshall Home Line series that gives the iconic rock ’n’ roll speaker brand’s line-up a stripped-back wider soundstage than its predecessor, that has been re-engineered for a more immersive experience.

The most compact speaker in the Home Line-up, is called the Acton III that introduces over-the- air (OTA) updates via the app to ensure the speaker is always up-to-date with the latest software and features. OTA updates are also featured on the larger models of the new series. The complete series of speakers feature a PVC-free build that comprises 70% recycled plastic and only vegan materials and includes next-generation Bluetooth 5.2 and the 3.5 mm input. The Acton III is driven by one 30 watt, class D amplifier for the woofer and two 15 Watt Class D amplifiers for the tweeters with an MSRP of $379.987

Marshall Acton III

The middleweight speaker of the home line-up, is called the Stanmore III featuring  a 5” woofer and two 3/4” tweeters, now angled outwards and with updated waveguides. The all-new “Placement Compensation” feature corrects for any nearby reflective surfaces that may affect sound and, since our perception of frequency changes according to the sound level, built-in “Dynamic Loudness” to adjust the tonal balance of the sound. A Multi-Stream feature will allow  a connection to multiple speakers from one device.  The Stanmore III is powered by one 50 watt, class D amplifier for the woofer Two 15 watt, class D amplifiers for the tweeters and has an MSRP of $529.98.

Marshall Stanmore III

The largest speaker of the home line-up, is called the Woburn III and has been re-engineered with a new three-way driver system with a lower-tuned and more powerful 6” woofer in a bass-reflex cabinet, two 3/4” tweeters and the addition of two 2” midrange drivers. The Woburn III also features the latest Bluetooth connectivity along with RCA or 3.5 mm, but also adds an HDMI input for TV connectivity with a “Night Mode” feature.  The Woburn III has one 90 watt, class D amplifier for the woofer, two 15 watt class D amplifiers for the mid-level and two 15 watt, class D amplifiers for the tweeters.  The speaker has an MSRP of $849.98

Marshall Woburn III

Marshall is exclusively distributed in Canada by Erikson Multimedia.