Monitor Audio Cinergy

Monitor Audio Launches Cinergy THX-Certified Cinema Audio System

Monitor Audio has announced the launch of Cinergy, a premium, THX-certified cinema audio system focused on appealing to the needs of both integrators and designers as well as the desires of customers.

The line includes the Cinergy 100, 200, 300, and Sub 15 with pricing ranging from $3,000 for the sub up to $6,500 each for the 300s.

Set for availability in October 2022 through Kevro International in Canada, the THX-certified mark on the speakers assures a “gold standard for audio and visual fidelity,” says Monitor Audio. They have been rigorously tested to meet THX’s both lab and real-world listening tests.

The system uses a modular design that allows for both horizontal or vertical installation as well as a choice of isolation and fixing methods. They can be integrated into stud walls, fit onto walls, or even be secured to the floor. Integrated handles, meanwhile, make it easy to move around. The handy feet and bracket isolators further help to reduce vibrations.

Integrators can rotate the mid-tweeter array on the Cinergy 100, 200, and 300, depending on how it is installed. There’s also a swappable mid-tweeter pod that can be interchanged with the bass drivers on the Cinergy 300.

Monitor Audio Cinergy

Monitor Audio’s advanced driver technology is incorporated along with inert, heavy cabinets, MPD high-frequency transducers, and RDT II drivers.

The Cinergy 300s are $6,500 each, Cinergy 200s $5,500 each, Cinergy 100s $3,500 each and, as noted, the Sub15 will sell for $3,000 each. As noted, expect to see them in the Fall through Pickering, ON-based Kevro International.