New Look Eyewear

New Look Eyewear Launches 3D Scanning App in Canada

Canadian eyewear retailer New Look Eyewear has launched its 3D scanning app in Canada, which helps Canadians virtually try on and select the right eyewear to meet their needs and prescriptions.

The New Look 3D scanning app, which was solely available in the Quebec marketplace upon launching last fall, is now available to all customers in Canada.

Using the app, shoppers can design their own pair of eyewear, choosing from a variety of frame styles, shapes, and colours, then tweaking the height, width, and vertical drop to suit their vision needs. The glasses are made to measure, so New Look Eyewear says they feel lighter as “the weight is perfectly distributed to their facial features.” Along with customizable frames, customers can also use the app to access and purchase designer glasses from brands like Gucci, Tom Ford, Kate Spade, and Hugo Boss.

The app uses Topology’s advanced technology to take precise measurements for glasses outside an eyewear store by scanning 20,000 data points on a person’s face, taking ultra-precise measurements. Because the precise measurements are taken from ear to ear, the glasses can be pre-adjusted before being shipped to customers’ homes.

Additionally, opticians are available via a video appointment. Once they have booked a virtual appointment online, users are invited to download the New Look app, which is available in the App Store for iPhone (X and newer) and iPad Pro.

Topology is an exclusive technology to New Look Vision Group banners in Canada.