Galaxy Book4 Edge AI

Samsung’s Galaxy Book4 Edge Next-Gen AI PC is Powered by Galaxy AI, Microsoft Copilot+

The new Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge next-gen AI PC is powered by both Galaxy AI and Microsoft Copilot+. Running on the Snapdragon X Elite Compute Platform, it can run multiple neural networks at the same time to keep up with AI-driven and aided tasks.

The computer combines on-device and cloud-based processing, which allows you to benefit from AI features even when you aren’t actively connected to a Wi-Fi network, and while still maintaining security of your data. Through on-device AI, the intelligent Snapdragon platform learns from you over time, helping to increase productivity and create optimized AI experiences.

As a Copilot+ PC, you can interact with the computer using everyday language. You can also connect a mobile device to the Book4 Edge to experience Galaxy AI features on the bigger and more immersive display thanks to Link to Windows. You can mirror Circle to Search with Google results on a PC display and paste them directly into files as well. Fan-favourite features like Chat Assist and Live Translate, available in the latest Samsung Galaxy S24 series smartphones, are available on the Galaxy Book4 Edge.

Galaxy Book 4 Edge

Samsung collaborated with Microsoft to bring Copilot in Windows to Galaxy Book, enabling a mix of on-device and cloud-based AI. For everyday actions like setting alarms, retrieving contacts, sending messages, and more, you can access your mobile devices via Copilot voice prompts. Copilot also supports intelligent, next-step action suggestions for increased productivity. 

With the Recall feature, you can describe details of a document, e-mail, or web page to locate it if you forget the name. You can also search across timelines to find content you need.

For video calls, you can use Live Captions, which provide accurate subtitles in real-time. Regardless of the application, the words will appear as English subtitles on the screen. Windows Studio effects for video calls allows you to experiment with different camera filters and background effects, all powered by AI. You can also turn on voice focus, portrait blur, and eye contact.

Galaxy Book4 Edge AI

Overall, the Snapdragon X Elite compute platform offers fast AI processing that makes it seamless to move between applications and commands using the dedicated AI key. The computer, meanwhile, runs for up to 22 hours of video playback per charge, and supports super-fast charging.

Fur content creators, there’s Cocreator, which uses AI to turn sketches and text into works of art. You can also input text prompts to create new designs.

The display features Vision Booster, also found in many Samsung Galaxy phones, which helps improve outdoor visibility. The 10-point multi-touch Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen is also anti-reflective, reducing glare. It boasts an adaptive refresh rate of up to 120Hz and Auto Super Resolution.

Galaxy Book4 Edge AI

The Galaxy Book4 Edge is ultra-thin and lightweight and comes backed by Samsung Knox security and is a Microsoft secured-core PC out of the box. When using Galaxy AI and Copilot+ features, your functions are processed without data being uploaded to the cloud, which protects user privacy. Recall snapshots also only remain local, on your PC and you can delete, adjust, and filter what content is saved. For features that require cloud-based AI activity, Microsoft’s suite of security features offer around the clock protection. Device Privacy Settings are also available.

The Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge and Galaxy Book4 Edge Pro will be available in Canada starting June 18, 2024, but are available now for pre-order now, starting at $1,850. The 14-inch Galaxy Book4 Edge and 16-inch Galaxy Book4 Edge | Edge Pro size options come with an enhanced refined finish for a sleek, premium feel.