Sanus Tilt Stand for Echo Show 15

Sanus Offers Tilt and Under-Cabinet Stands for the New Amazon Echo Show 15

Amazon introduced its Echo Show 15, which is like a cross between a smart display and a small TV. And Sanus has introduced a trio of new accessories to complement it, helping you mount it the way that suits the space and application. The three options include a tilt stand, tilt and swivel stand, and under-cabinet mount, and are complemented by a six-foot extension cord.

The Sanus Tilt Stand and Tilt & Swivel Stand are ideal for table or countertop placement of the Echo Show 15, in places like the entryway or kitchen. The Tilt Stand offers up to 30° of tilt, allowing use of the device in either portrait or landscape orientation. The Tilt & Swivel Stand provides built-in cable management and even more tilting functionality — up to 60° — as well as 60° of swivel in either direction for. Both stands are specially designed to work with the Echo Show 15 and provide anti-slip foot pads to prevent device tip-over. 

Sanus Tilt Stand for Echo Show 15
Sanus Tilt Stand for Amazon Echo Show 15

Alternatively, the Under-Cabinet Mount removes the Echo Show 15 from the counter completely. It facilitates smooth device tilt and swivel for easy viewing throughout the space, while allowing the smart display to be tucked up and stowed when not in use. 

Sanus Swivel Stand for Echo Show 15
Sanus Tilt and Swivel Stand for Amazon Echo Show 15

“We’ve enjoyed working with Amazon and developing these new accessories for the Echo Show 15,” says Keira Kim, Product Manager at Legrand AV. “All three are designed to complement the functionality of the device and enhance usability in the consumers’ homes. Having the capability to effortlessly tilt and swivel the Echo Show 15 allows the user to get a better view of the screen and interact with the device even as they move around; for example, in the entryway as they enter the home or in the kitchen while trying out a new recipe.” 

Sanus Under-Cabinet Mount for Echo Show 15
Sanus Under-Cabinet Stand for Amazon Echo Show 15

The Tilt Stand, Tilt & Swivel Stand, and Under-Cabinet Mount accessories are available for pre-order in the U.S. for US$30, US$40, and US$50, respectively, while the six-foot extension cable, which allows you to place the monitor up to 11 feet away from the power source, is US$13.