Sennheiser TV Clear 2

Sennheiser Debuts Second-Gen TV Clear Set 2 Dialogue-Enhanced Earbuds

A year after introducing the TV Clear dialogue-enhancing true wireless earbuds, Sennheiser has introduced the second-generation TV clear Set 2, which offers improved sound quality, easy set-up, and smart customizations in the app.

“We listened to feedback from our passionate customers and went right to work,” says  Michael Eckardt Senior Product Manager at Sennheiser. “Our TV Clear Set 2 sounds better, sets up easier, and even fits better for a listening experience that builds on the success of the original. For TV and movie watchers who want to listen at a personal volume level while improving speech intelligibility, it’s our best true wireless big-screen companion yet.”

Sennheiser TV Clear 2

In addition to improved sound, the TV Clear Set 2 have re-engineered buttons that are simpler to use for adjusting volume and setting the Speech Clarity level. There’s also revised acoustic apertures and ear adapters for finding a perfect fit, especially with smaller ears.

TV Clear Set 2 now comes fully pre-paired to its transmitter, which doubles the transmission bandwidth. The updated transmitter adds wide Dolby compatibility to ensure seamless connection to S/PDIF digital audio outputs, and a versatile USB-C power port. With the updated TV Clear companion app, you can further customize the TV Clear Set 2, including visualized controlling of the volume, configuration of the double-tap gesture, improved charging status feedback, and more.

Sennheiser TV Clear 2

This sequel continues popular features such as Qi wireless charging, multipoint connectivity to multiple devices, and up to 15 hours of listening per charge with another 1.5 charges in the case.

The Sennheiser TV Clear Set 2 will be available in North America on June 12 for $549.95 in Canada, with pre-orders being accepted now. The TV Clear app is a free download and can be installed from the App Store (iOS and iPad OS) or Google Play Store (Android).