OvrC and SnapAV

Control4 OS 3.2.2 Software Update Fully Supports the OvrC Ecosystem

SnapAV’s Control4 OS 3.2.2 software update adds full support for OvrC Pro remote equipment management to all EA and CA series Control4 controllers, among other enhancements. 

The update offers partners the ability to remotely manage and service clients’ Control4-connected devices, allowing for simpler service contracts, more immediate troubleshooting, reduced truck rolls, and greater system insight, says Control4.

“This update adds powerful remote access capabilities for all existing Control4 systems with an EA controller installed worldwide, giving our partners a new upsell tool and simplifying system maintenance and problem solving,” says Kenny Kim, Vice President, Product Management, Platform & Services. “With native OvrC integration, partners gain visibility into the entire network of connected devices, including the C4 Chime Video Doorbell, T4 Touchscreen, IP power conditioners, and more. Through enhanced diagnostic data, system health status and push alerts for device failures, OvrC makes it faster and easier to provide rapid customer service no matter where technicians are.”

The OS 3.2.2 update also makes Zigbee Health available in Composer Pro, so integrators can remotely view device health ratings and quickly diagnose and fix issues. A dashboard provides an overview of the entire system, while switching to the device-specific view unveils online/offline status, boot counts, and failed communications with other Zigbee devices.

SnapAV has also made it easier for integrators to access and download logs for different devices without needing to be on the same network. 

“With more data transparency and ability to troubleshoot remotely, Control4 and OvrC partners can add demonstrable value at no cost to their business, providing a meaningful reason to reconnect with clients and explain the benefits of adding OvrC functionality,” adds Kim.

The OS 3.2.2 software improves system aesthetics as well to synchronize the backlighting on multiple lighting dimmers, switches, or keypads by designating one of them to act as an ambient light sensor for multiple follower devices. Using up to 16 follower devices per source and up to 20 sources per project, multiple lighting devices in the same wall box and in the same room will synchronize button backlighting based on the source device’s ambient light sensing. 

System security gets a boost as well, with V2 modules and Bus Ethernet Gateway V2 now supporting TLS 1.2, which authenticates and encrypts communication between modules and the Control4 controller. Lastly, Access Agent can now lock down or hide access to the schedule tab or presets edit button within the thermostat UI, essentially child-proofing the climate settings.

SnapAV partners must be a certified dealer for both Control4 and OvrC to take advantage of the remote management capabilities. New OvrC prospects can create an account at www.OvrC.com