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Stingray Partners With Air Transat

Montreal-based Stringray has announced a partnership with Air Transat to provide passengers with an in-flight entertainment experience.

Travellers will have access to a diverse selection of Stingray Music channels, including Hit List, Hot Country, Kids’ Stuff, and TikTok Radio. Destination-themed channels such as Breezy Yacht Rock, Suntan Reggae, and Today’s Hot Tracks: Latin will also be featured. Passengers will also have access to Qello Concerts, a unique service that brings full-length concerts onboard, allowing them to enjoy performances from their favourite artists while in the air. 

For those seeking a more serene travel experience, Stingray offers a selection of 10 audio channels, with options from classical music to a solo piano and calming meditations. Podcasts will also be available spanning a diverse array of topics from health and wellness to personal development. 

Additionally, Stingray Naturescape will offer slow TV-style content, showcasing landscapes from around the world, such as Costa Rica’s crystal-clear waters, lush valleys, and majestic waterfalls. ZenLIFE further augments the in-flight experience by offering relaxation videos, inviting passengers to partake in meditation, focus, and sleep-enhancing activities, all designed to facilitate a natural transition into a relaxed state during their flight.

“We are excited to collaborate with Air Transat, a company that aligns with our dedication to delivering premium experiences,” says David Purdy, Chief Revenue Officer of Stingray. “This partnership not only amplifies inflight entertainment with our diverse range of music channels, live concerts, and relaxation videos, but it also expands Stingray’s brand exposure on a global scale. We are proud to bring our premium content to Air Transat’s passengers, transforming their travel experience by catering to their individual entertainment preferences.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Stingray, another Montreal-based company, as this collaboration represents a significant step in our commitment to enhancing the in-flight experience for our passengers,” adds Miguel Teixeira, Vice President, In-Flight Services and Customer Experience of Air Transat. “Through this partnership, we aim to enrich and diversify our in-flight entertainment options, with an audio and video offering that immerses travellers in the culture of their upcoming destination.”

These enhanced entertainment services are now available on all Air Transat flights worldwide. The content will be regularly updated to ensure a fresh and engaging experience for passengers.