For quick access, here's a link to every individual themed holiday gift guide we have published for 2023 to help with last-minute shopping.

All the gifts on this list are around $75, many even less, perfect for those on a budget or for stocking stuffers.

If you'd prefer giving an experience versus product gift, consider a thoughtful subscription that considers what the person loves.

If you know someone who loves to travel often, for business, pleasure, or both, these gifts will be welcome additions to their carry-on.

Instead of getting something for one parent or the other, why not get a gift both parents can enjoy together? We have some ideas.

Pet owners love their furry friends so they might welcome a gift this holiday season especially for their dog, cat, or other pet.

Budgets are tight this year, so if you're looking for the perfect gift for someone but can't spend a ton, check out these gifts under $150.

All these gifts are not only high-tech, they are also perfect for the fashionable or style-conscious person on your list.

If you know someone who has some smart home devices and is looking to expand (or finally get into the concept), these are all great gifts.