This Is Personal! (With Martin Hill) 

We ask the questions you wouldn't dare!

You would be hard-pressed to attend an audio show and not find Martin Hill either working the booth or walking the aisles.  Martin is the AV Manager of Yamaha Canada Music, a company he has been working with for over 20 years, and just so happens to be one of the nicest guys in the industry!  This week we put Martin (Marty to his friends) in the hot seat to weigh in on the 45 things you wish you knew but were afraid to ask.

Favourite….  Ideal….  One Day… Best….  Yes/No?….

Airline: Bearskin to the north

Airport: Anywhere a float plane lands

Beach or Mountain: Are Tiki bars on a mountain…No!

Breakfast (Weekday): Creton on toast 

Breakfast (Weekend): Irish (The best was the Harp in Port Credit)

Band: Ramones

Car: Truck

City: Country

Country: With four seasons and access to two oceans.

Cocktail: Dumb movie!

Comedian: Dick Turlings. 

Date: Snowshoeing, ending around a big campfire

Daydream: Constantly

Diet: Completed…time to indulge 

Desert: Cookies

Dinner (Weekday): Rubber chicken

Dinner (Weekend): Pizza

Dress: Black dress pants, brown shoes, pink socks, Thom Browne cardigan, Wool Sportscoat

Drive: Sudafed before you get on the ice.

Escape: Backwoods camping via canoe

Excuse: I came into contact with COVID

Family: In the Hall of Fame 

Hotel: Boring

Holiday: Not in or near a city


Indulgence: Records

Movie: Female Trouble 

Movie Star: The Rock

Music: Eclectic

Nonfiction Book: Jeffrey Alford cookbooks

Novel: Have not written it yet

Perfect Day: In the woods

Pet: Westie

Piece of Advice: Get a Westie

Politics: Need a revolution…where are today’s Joe Strummers?

Restaurant: Currently on the Pho kick

Saying: Hello how are you?

Sports: It’s November…Hockey or cold golf

Sound System: FiiO with various headphones

Singer: Lightfoot

Television Series: Currently “Somebody feed Phil”

Theme Song of your Life: “We are the Road Crew”

Trade Show: Anything HIFI

Time of Day: Its 7:30am now

Water: Lake