ZAGG Desk Mat

ZAGG Desk Mat Has Built-in Wireless Charging

ZAGG is offering an interesting new accessory for your home or remote office desk: the Desk Mat with Wireless Charging has, as the name implies, built-in wireless charging capability so you can sit your devices down and have them recharge neatly while you work.

The Desk Mat has a 10W wireless charger built in for recharging a wireless charging enabled phone, mouse, keyboard, or other device. This isn’t terribly quick, but it will keep your devices juiced up all day long, or even your phone battery full by the time you’re ready to head home or out for the night.

ZAGG Desk Mat

Note that the device must be positioned on a center charging spot, aligned with the charging coils. This means only one device can be charged at a time. If you want to charge a phone, for example, you’d have to move the keyboard out of the way. You could also, however, move the charging pad to the side to charge your phone or other device then back under the keyboard when you want to recharge that.  

The mat has an integrated USB-C cable, which plugs into a power source. It lies flat and is made of a soft, durable fabric with a non-slip bottom so your keyboard or mouse won’t shift around as you type. It even has grooves to secure a stylus or other writing tool so it doesn’t get misplaced.

The Desk Mat with Wireless Charging is compatible with most wireless charging devices. It sells for US$50.