Now Canadians Can Get Alexa In The Car With Amazon Echo Auto

Amazon Echo Auto is now officially available to customers in Canada, offering the ability to summon the Alexa voice assistant while you’re on the road.

Dubbed the first Echo device designed for use on the road, it features an eight-mic array that is designed to account for challenging in-car acoustics and so Alexa can hear vocal commands over the music, air conditioning, or other road noise.

It plugs into the 12V power outlet in your vehicle or an integrated USB port and to the stereo system through a 3.5mm audio jack or Bluetooth. It then connects to Alexa through the app on your iOS or Android phone and uses your existing wireless network contract to access Alexa features like music, navigation, and calling.

You can do things like ask Alexa to read the morning news headlines, play an Audible audiobook, get the latest traffic updates, and more, all while keeping your hands safely on the wheel. You can also set a routine that turns on your lights when you pull into the driveway, set reminders to pick up your dry cleaning on your way home, control compatible smart home devices, build your shopping list or manage your calendar.

New skill experiences have already been added to the Alexa Skills Store specifically for use in the car, like road trip games, asking for directions, checking weather, and getting road conditions nearby.

Echo Auto is available now in Canada for $70.