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Amazon Music Adds Podcasts To All Tiers in Canada

Subscribers to all tiers of the Amazon Music streaming service in Canada can now enjoy podcasts, including new and original ones across every facet of the business, from music to entertainment.

Amazon Music listeners can also stream original shows produced exclusively for Amazon Music, and hosted by creators like DJ Khaled, Becky G, Will Smith, Dan Patrick, Jake Brennan, and more. 

Amazon Music is now also the exclusive home to the podcast Disgraceland, which explores the criminal antics and connections of some of the world’s most famous musicians. Now in its seventh season, new episodes spotlight bands and artists like Oasis, The Beatles, and Lil Wayne.

“Canada has always been held in special regard for me as creator of Disgraceland,” says Jake Brennan, host of Disgraceland and cofounder at Double Elvis Productions. “One of my very first episodes was on Keith Richards’ dust up with the RCMP in the ’70s. That episode and our later episode on Rick James and his time in Toronto really helped us solidify our listenership in Canada.”

Amazon Music Podcast DIsgraceland

Other popular shows that are now available through Amazon Music include Crime Junkie, Stuff You Should Know, The Apology Line, Revisionist History, Canadian True Crime, Spittin’ Chiclets, and The Secret Life of Canada. 

“With the launch of Podcasts on Amazon Music in Canada, our goal was simple: to give customers access to even more entertainment and culture in one place,” says Mike Lawless, Head of Amazon Music, Canada. “We’re thrilled to offer an elevated listening experience to our Canadian customers, with rich content from some of the world’s most beloved creators.”

Amazon Music Podcasts

Subscribers will receive curated recommendations across top categories, popular podcasts charts, and access to trailers on show pages. And you can start listening on one device and continue through another throughout the day, listening on mobile, web, or even through Amazon Echo devices. You can also ask for the latest episode of a favourite show on Echo Auto during their morning commute, resume playback on your phone while working out, and seamlessly move to an Echo device when getting home just by asking Alexa, with no additional sign in or device linking needed.  

Podcasts are now available to stream on all tiers of Amazon Music at no additional cost, including free access on Echo, web, and in the Amazon Music mobile app. Visit or access podcasts through the app for iOS and Android, or via Amazon Echo devices.