Specifi Announces Partnership with Masimo’s Consumer Audio Brands 

Specifi, headquartered in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is the world’s first AI-enabled design and business management solution developed to create detailed proposals and project management documentation to meet the design, specification, and support needs of the global residential and commercial AV installation industry. Today Specifi announced a strategic partnership with Masimo’s consumer audio brands that brings Masimo’s premium audio products including Bowers & Wilkins, Classé Audio, Denon, Definitive Technology, Marantz, and Polk Audio directly to the Specifi platform.

The news of the Masimo partnership follows closely on the heels of Snap One joining Specifi just last month. This new collaboration strengthens Specifi’s commitment to provide North American dealers with a comprehensive product offering that streamlines the proposal creation process.

With the addition of the Masimo portfolio, Specifi now boasts partnerships with three key suppliers in the United States market: Snap One, Pioneer Music Company, and Masimo. Dealers also have access to over 250,000 products on the Specifi database from the world’s biggest CI brands with the ability to easily add their own pricing.

“We are thrilled to partner with Masimo, further expanding our product selection and empowering dealers to deliver exceptional customer experiences,” said Joe Lautner, Specifi Vice President of Strategy. “Masimo represents some of the greatest audio brands in the industry and now it’s easy for Specifi users to quickly place them in their system designs, complete with pricing, imagery, and specifications.”

A drop down of Specifi Purchase Order software

Specifi empowers AV dealers to save time while presenting a professional image, to ultimately win more projects. Its feature-rich platform includes digital sales proposals that showcase dealers’ expertise and services, project management documentation to generate accurate schedules as well as tools for managing sales pipelines and team schedules.