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Adobe Express Mobile App With Firefly AI is Now Available

The Adobe Express mobile app with Firefly generative AI along with other Adobe creative tools is now available for mobile devices, as well as across the web.

The Adobe Express all-in-one content creation app brings popular Firefly generative AI features like Text to Image, Generative Fill, Text Effects, and Text to Template to mobile devices for the first time. Ideal for social media posts, videos, flyers, logos, and more, the features are now available to everyone.

“Adobe Express brings the magic of Firefly generative AI directly into web and mobile content creation experiences,” says Govind Balakrishnan, Senior Vice President, Adobe Express and Digital Media Services, Adobe. “We’re excited to see a record number of customers turning to Adobe Express to promote their ideas, passions, and businesses through digital content and on TikTok, Instagram, X, Facebook, and other social platforms.” 

With the app, you can use Adobe’s photo, design, video, and generative AI capabilities in the all-in-one content editor to produce high quality content on the web and via mobile. Marketers, for example, can create explainer and promotional videos to launch new products or design on-brand social campaigns for multiple social channels. Small business owners can design logos and business cards, create digital flyers for online sales, edit photos and videos, and schedule and publish content for their TikTok and Instagram channels directly in the app.

Adobe Express

Students can create Instagram Reels to promote campus social events, GIFs or animations for school projects, or edit resumes in real time. Creative professionals can bring assets they design in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop into Adobe Express and quickly create social posts for their clients’ e-commerce business – instantly replacing backgrounds with campaign imagery and seamlessly sharing work with their teams for review and feedback. 

Adobe Express is powered by Adobe Firefly generative AI, making it simple for anyone at any skill level to perform complex tasks. Features like Text to Image, Text Effects, Generative Fill and Text to Template, allow creators to instantly generate images and designs, insert, remove, and replace people or objects, and make headlines that pop, all from a simple text prompt. Other AI features like Animate from Audio and Caption Videos automate complex processes into one-click actions. 

With video, you can get started with templates, then combine video clips, images, and music. Add animations and generate real-time, accurate, editable, and customizable captions in 100+ languages to any video. Video timeline, layer timing, and support for 4K video features make it simple to create social-first videos from anywhere.

Text to Image allows you to quickly create a new look for a project by instantly generating new images with Firefly generative AI.  With Generative Fill, insert, remove, or replace people, objects, and more with simple text prompts. Text Effects is ideal for headlines, copy, and messages that pop with text stylings using generative AI. Use Text to Template to create fully editable templates with a simple prompt for various outputs such as social media posts, flyers, posters, and more. Leverage assets from Adobe’s collection of best-in-class fonts, Adobe Stock photos, generated images, or your own images.  

You can access thousnads of video and multi-page templates, more than 28,000 Adobe Fonts, and hundreds of thousands of Adobe Stock videos, music tracks, and design assets.

There are also Quick Actions for editing, resizing, or removing backgrounds from images and videos, generating a QR code, or trimming a video with one click. Use Content Scheduler to plan, preview, schedule, and publish to social media channels like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and more.

Earlier this year, Adobe announced a first-of-its-kind integration with TikTok’s Creative Assistant that makes ideating, creating, and optimizing stand-out TikTok videos quicker and easier within Adobe Express. Adobe also recently introduced Express GPT as part of the growing collection of custom GPTs available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers. A new partnership with creator commerce platform Kajabi is helping Kajabi creators generate and edit standout content without disrupting their creative workflows.

The new Adobe Express mobile app is now available for free worldwide in many languages and on most Android and iOS devices. You can download the new Adobe Express mobile app from the Google Play store and iOS users can download it from The App Store. New users can visit here to register for an Adobe Express account.