Annual Adobe MAX Has Much to Offer

Register Adobe Max for free. There is much value for folks of any skill level wanting to know about what the Adobe CC apps like Photoshop and Illustrator are about.

As Adobe launches its second virtual MAX event Oct 26 – 28 in the middle of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic I begin to realize that old fashioned analog conventions of the past may never be the same. I miss being in a crowd of 12,000 pumped up Adobe Max fans cheering live announcements of new Adobe CC app features.  That’s hard to replicate online. Still, that hasn’t stopped Adobe MAX 2021 from announcing some pretty cool stuff:


Selecting multiple objects is a breeze
  • AutoMask-Easily selecting multiple objects in photos and assigning for example, different colours in each one.
  • Vary depth of field around any object anywhere in a photo.
  • Use Neural Filters Landscape Fixer to easily colorize a complicated black & white scene.


Open Illustrator files in Photoshop with all layers intact.

Premiere Pro

  • Simplify messy sequencing in a Premier Pro in one easy step.


  • Powerful masking of complicated scenes like the bridge cabling and stone structure to improve sky and and stone detail

Photoshop and Illustrator on the Web

Photoshop and Illustrator light run on browser for inclusion of collaborators without the Adobe CC suite
  • Takes the collaborative and reviewing experience to a new level by running Web versions of Photoshop and Illustrator for light editing and workflows with participants who don’t have access to these core apps.

Behance on Steroids

  • Monetize your creative work with paid subscriptions and Sensei (Adobes AI) powered filters audio and video search videos and narrowing down similar searches.

Adobe Content Authenticity Initiative


  • Manage your metadata on your pictures even as they go through multiple editing and transformations. 

More Photoshop Express retouch filters

  • Adobe’s all-in-one mobile photo editing app now includes a brand-new set of features called Retouch — available only on iOS at this time – for face and selfie retouching like skin smoothing and caricature fun. Automatic face detection technology powered by Adobe Photoshop and Sensei recognize the individual faces within the photo and make it easy and quick to retouch your photos and express yourself the way you want.

More Filters with Adobe Fresco

  • You will get moving in more ways with Adobe Fresco complete with hundreds of brushes, unlimited layers, and powerful tools accessible to anyone across iPhone, iPad, and Windows without a subscription.