Arlo Essentials Home camera

Arlo Technologies Releases Essential Indoor Camera

Arlo Technologies, Inc. has released its new Essential Indoor Camera, providing video security for the home or commercial space. it’s ideal, says Arlo, to use as a baby monitor, to keep an eye on pets, elderly family members, customers, stock rooms, and other similar spaces.

The camera features an easy-to-control, automated privacy shield, and allows you to automatically activate the privacy shield that covers the camera lens when desired. When the privacy shield is in the disarm mode, recording, motion and audio detection is disabled and won’t be enabled until the shield is opened via the Arlo app. You can also signal the privacy shield to open automatically and begin recording by starting a live stream or changing the camera to arm mode. This gives you the power to decide when the camera is monitoring a room and recording video/audio, and when it is not. 

The camera can capture 1,080p HD video at a 130-degree diagonal field-of-view, along with motion and audio detection and full-duplex audio for two-way conversations.

“Arlo holds user privacy in the highest regard and the all-new Essential Indoor Camera further supports that commitment,” says Tejas Shah, Senior Vice President of Product and CIO at Arlo. “Unlike competitive indoor monitoring solutions, we designed the Essential Indoor Camera with a clearly visible privacy shield, easily differentiating it from the camera face so users can distinguish at a glance when the privacy mode is activated. This thoughtful design element provides added peace of mind, so users can quickly identify whether or not the camera is capable of recording.”

Arlo engineered the Essential Indoor Camera with image-based motion and sound detection sensors to trigger recording when the camera is armed. High definition, 1,080p video quality with enhanced night vision allows you to capture important details both during the day and at night. The camera features a built-in microphone and speaker, and advanced, full-duplex audio for clearer, more natural remote conversations. A built-in siren provides an added safety measure, which can be triggered automatically or manually from the Arlo app, upon motion or audio detection or discovery of an intruder.

Available in white and black, the indoor camera features an integrated swivel mount so you can angle and mount the device on walls or place on any surface to capture the desired vantage point. 

It comes with a complimentary three-month Arlo Smart trial for accessing extended 30day rolling cloud storage of 1,080p HD video recordings, customizable notifications, and the e911 feature for quickly connecting to emergency services within your local vicinity. Everything is accessible via the Arlu app, including viewing live streams and recordings of video footage, adjusting camera settings, and accessing cloud recordings.

The Arlo Essential Indoor Camera is available now for an MSRP of US$100.