Lenbrook Launches Dali Oberon 9 Flagship Tower

Lenbrook Americas has launched the Dali Oberon 9, the new flagship tower in the popular Oberon Series.

With a dedicated 7” midrange and two long-throw 9” woofers, the Oberon 9 is a three-way design. Dali’s patented SMC (Soft Magnetic Compound) is used in the midrange/woofer magnet systems to provide improved flux linearity, reduced magnetic hysteresis, and a “significant reduction in harmonic distortion,” says Lenbrook.

The enclosure is designed to optimize rigidity and minimize panel resonance. The woofer/midrange driver cones are made from a mix of paper and wood fibre that provides a stiff, lightweight, and well-behaved structure that reproduces micro details with high accuracy. 

The pair of 9″ drivers have a combined membrane area that is 12% larger than a 12″ woofer. This, says Lenbrook, allows a higher maximum sound pressure level. The Oberon 9 is coupled with a new larger soft dome tweeter. 


The oversized 29mm soft dome membrane uses an ultra-lightweight weave fabric and is optimized for a larger bandwidth in its lower frequency area. This ensures the optimal handover from the midrange woofer to the tweeter, creating a well-balanced, coherent upper midrange. Compared to most soft dome tweeters on the market, the Dali dome material is less than half the weight (0.060 mg/mm2). 

The driver materials, crossover design and geometry used in the Oberon 9 has been selected to achieve a wide dispersion pattern. This ensures a well-integrated sound, even when listening at a significant off-axis angle. An added benefit is reduced harmonic distortion and diffractions causing frequency distortion. 

Dali Oberon 9

The Danish design includes an elegant aluminium base to reduce resonance. 

“Since its launch, the Oberon series has been a runaway success,” says Jeff Earl, Product Manager for Lenbrook Americas. “It’s only natural that Oberon 9 was added to the already diverse series to offer a highly dynamic and powerful option.” 

Offered in black ash or dark walnut finishes, it will be available in late March.